Memeit.LOL Development #1

2년 전

App Overview: You can use Memeit.LOL to create original memes and post them to the Steem Blockchain

New Features

  • What feature(s) did you add?

Well something that was requested on Utopian was that users can see posts made on As in the feed. So I had to make some tweaks to let that happen.

First thing was I knew I would have to fix the navigation bar setup. This is because on the feed page we had it to a static logged in navbar, which wouldn't work for users who are not logged in. So I added a pugjs partial under views/partials/nav3.pug. In an earlier revision I had added added an express request variable that shows if an user is logged in or a mod. Using those I added a conditional into the file that basically says if user is logged in show this, if not show that. I also had to remove the isAuthenticated check on here.

Next to add a little flair I changed the homepage to include a funny picture, which you can see at

The final thing I did was add fontawesome to the project. Then I changed the vote and comment buttons to icons that resemble an upvote button and a memeply button. (A memeply is basically our meme generator but for memes :) ) You should also see (if you are logged in) vote and memeply buttons in the feed as well, not just the single post view.

Major Updates

The major thing was allowing users to view the feed without having to log in. I felt users should see what memeit has to offer. And if they like it, which they most likely will then they can use the free service :)

Road Map From Here

Some things we're looking at are:

  • Expand Moderation System to Handle Unlimited User Input
  • Share Buttons for Memes
  • Google extension where people can memeply on any steem user interface
Questions And More

Anyone who wants to can join our discord to learn more!

@kennybll and team

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