Memeit.LOL Development #2

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App Overview: You can use Memeit.LOL to create original memes and post them to the Steem Blockchain

New Features

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In memeit's bot version 1.0.0 we have just one account to upvote posts made and accepted on memeit. I changed this to allow for multiple accounts. Since memeit has multiple accounts that are gaining Steem Power, which can be used to gain the user's post's value.

The bot works by looking at the main account every 15 minutes, and if it's steem power is 100% we start a round. In a round it looks for the top 10 oldest posts (at least for now (until more delegations)). Then it loops over each post. In that loop it loops over each steem account to use to vote. It then updates that post saying it was voted. Then because of the the voting timeout of steem it sleeps for four seconds.
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In version 1.0.1 I changed the config to allow for multiple accounts to upvote with. Each account needs the name of the acccount and the posting key. The bot then runs through each object and vote with that account with a for loop.

@kennybll and team

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It is so very primitive. I joined it. But, there is no option for changing the size of the text. No preview to see if the post is looking right. No tutorial instructions like what do you mean by:
Add title or Add text and Add more text. No options to change the color of the text. No creativity yet. I think it would be very soon to start challenging dmania or other tools right now.