Memeit.LOL Development #5

3년 전

App Overview: Made to easily onboard users to using a friendly user view and fun, profitable content. Our generator is easy to use to create original memes and post them to the Steem Blockchain. Memes are curated by an open team of moderators for 24 hours.

New Features

  • What feature(s) did you add?

This version, v2, will be made out of React, Redux, and Express (Server Side Rendering). So I did some from scratch work. I added some new things which you can try out at .

For example I added a feature that allows users to upvote without having to leave the page. It even gives an indicated telling you it's upvoting. (Must be logged in to use).

Another feature was an info modal on the feed and single pages. This modal gives quick information such as when it was published, the ModScore and ModPercentage, how many comments, and the payout.

Another nice feature I added was about logging in. The SteemConnect token will soon no longer be in our db (which currently is wiped after 7 days of being logged in). We will be using cookies, which are server accessible only to our site. They do expire after 7 days as well, so you could stay logged in until then.

Oh I can't forget about the infinite scroller. When you go to the index page you'll be able to scroll and more posts will pop up, no more paginating through 20 something pages for memes.

The new repo will be here when the release is 100% ready. Git commits for utopian are all here. I'm allowed to direct commit because I'm a co-project owner.

This is what I have been working hard on, please don't think I've left Steem.

I cannot wait until this is ready and everyone can use it. Also we are looking for devs to help (bounties are available). Join our discord for more:

@kennybll team

Past Development Logs:

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Thank you for your contribution. Its better if you can add some meaningful commit messages also commenting the code would be better.

As you said "we are looking for devs to help", why not create a task request in Utopian, thus people will start working on that.

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keep up the hard work! is a good platform and i hope it will become even better.
i hope someone can add a spell check in the text boxes. some of the people could really use that feature.

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