SteemConnect Scopes Error

3년 전

Project Information

Expected behavior

I was expecting to see delete_comment as a scope at here.

Actual behavior

Instead I saw comment_delete, which is outdated.

How to reproduce

Go to here and see comment_delete.

Recording Of The Bug

This happens when I used comment_delete.

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Hi, thanks for reporting it. This is basically avoidable problem since the list of scopes in SteemConnect includes the correct scope. On the other hand, the documentation on GitHub is misleading and it is good that someone reminded that even though the changes were made some time ago.

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So was it approved?


Technically yes. Please understand that we do not work with the concept of approval and rejection as before. We work with score unless it is an obvious case that we should not review or we cannot reward.

The votes should be given within 72 hours, if you do not see a vote then, this contribution was not picked for the reward.

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