Translation of Gitlab, From-en to Portuguese (1080 words). #Part 2

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Project Details

GitLab is an open source project that provides a single application for software development. Teams collaborate for the entire DevOps lifecycle as Gitlab integrates it with various authentication and authorization providers.

Gitlab has multiple features (Built-in CI/CD, Issue Boards, Time tracking, Cycle Analytics, etc) that users can access for free in developing and running their applications.

Contribution Specifications

Translation Overview

I was not sure how to translate some strings but with the help of the other Portuguese Language Mod (@portugalcoin) I was able to skip less strings.
Since GitLab uses namespaced strings and technical terms that cannot be translated the number of translated words is not accurate.

GitLab has a total of 19,842 translatable words.

  • Example of Strings Translated:

AdminArea| You are about to permanently delete the user %{username}. This will delete all of the issues, merge requests, and groups linked to them. To avoid data loss, consider using the %{strong_start}block user%{strong_end} feature instead. Once you %{strong_start}Delete user%{strong_end}, it cannot be undone or recovered.


Está prestes a excluir permanentemente o utilizador %{username}. Isso excluirá todos os problemas, merge requests e grupos vinculados a ele. Para evitar a perda de dados, considere o uso do recurso %{strong_start}bloquear utilizador%{strong_end}. Uma vez que%{strong_start}apague utilizador%{strong_end}, não pode ser desfeito ou recuperá-lo.


ClusterIntegration|If you are setting up multiple clusters and are using Auto DevOps, %{help_link_start}read this first%{help_link_end}.


Se está a configurar múltiplos clusters e está a usar auto DevOps, %{help_link_start}leia isto primeiro%{help_link_end}.

  • First and last strings can be found here and here
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This translation was made from English to Portuguese.

I have experience in other translations on Crowdin, rewarded by Utopian, like the Byteball project, Steem White Paper, falling sky, etc.
I am aswell a translator, proofreader and community manager for Scorum.

Word Count

  • The amount of words translated in this contribution is: 1080

  • Amount of translated words in this project: 2255

  • Part 1

Proof of Authorship

The record of my translations are on my crowdin profile and can be found here aswell as my activity.
The project activity can be found here

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Thank you for your contribution to Utopian + Da Vinci translation category @leurop.
In analyzing your translated words, I suggest you pay attention to these points:

  • In the word "Delete" the best word to translate is eliminar. "apagar" isn't very common in applications.

  • I also see that you changed the word "Path" by "local", and the best term to use is caminho.

Continuation of a good translation work from English to Portuguese.

I look forward to more contributions.

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Thank you for your review, @portugalcoin! Keep up the good work!

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Obrigado por fazeres parte da comunidade @steemitportugal .


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