Translation of Verto, From-en to Portuguese (1148 words).

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Project Details

Verto is a multi-currency wallet that will allow access to the VDex. Verto will also have integrative functionality of other DApps like orderbook settlement from VDEX and a crypto ratings and rankings dashboard from Vespucci.

When a trade is made on Vdex, the funds are temporarily locked until either the transaction is completed and the new funds become available, or the transaction is cancelled and funds are again available.

Contribution Specifications

Translation Overview

I has happy to know that I was able to translate another crypto walled through Utopian partners. Last one that I translated was the Byteball Wallet. Since both projects have similar strings I was familiar with the Verto Crowdin strings, which made them easier to translate.

Verto has a total of 1148 translatable words.

  • Example of Strings Translated:

To get VTX, investors must KYC (Know Your Customer) with one of our trusted partners. This process is to ensure we remain in complience with regulators in your region. Note that this process must only be completed once before being accepted as a potential contributor. Note that this selection will associate this wallet with your KYC application.


Para obter VTX, investidores devem fazer o processo KYC (Know Your Customer) com um dos nossos parceiros confiáveis. Este processo é para assegurar que nos mantemos em conformidade com as regulações da sua região. Note que este processo precisa ser completado apenas uma vez, antes de ser aceite como um potencial contribuidor. Note que esta seleção irá associar esta carteira com a sua aplicação KYC.


Legacy: Things happen. Life ends. You need to plan for the transference of your wallet to someone else. In some cases that may be a will, please consider your options carefully. The choice is yours.


Legado:Coisas acontecem. A vida acaba. Precisa planear a transferência de sua carteira para alguém. Em alguns casos isso pode ser uma vontade, por favor considere as suas opções cuidadosamente. A escolha é sua.

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This translation was made from English to Portuguese.

I have experience in other translations on Crowdin, rewarded by Utopian, like the Byteball project, Steem White Paper, falling sky, etc.
I am aswell a translator, proofreader and community manager for Scorum.

Word Count

  • The amount of words translated in this contribution is: 1148
  • That makes the translation task completed(for now).

Proof of Authorship

The record of my translations are on my crowdin profile and can be found here aswell as my activity.
The project activity can be found here

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Thank you for your contribution to Utopian + Da Vinci translation category @leurop.
In analyzing your translated words:

  • In the word "Password" the best word to translate is "Palavra-Passe". "Senha" is most often used in Brazil.

  • Pay attention to the accent, sometimes you forgot to put it on.

Continuation of a good translation work from English to Portuguese.

I look forward to more contributions.

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Thank you!


Thank you for your review, @portugalcoin! Keep up the good work!

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