[BUG] [eSteem Mobile v.2.0.8] Wrong Links on own Profile - Drop Down Links for Reply, Bookmark and Share

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Project Information

Expected behavior

If you call the options for your own post, I assume and expect that exactly the function is deposited, which is also displayed.

Actual behavior

If you are logged in to the app and go to your own profile and try to perform various actions from a written post there, this will fail. If you click the drop-down button of a post you wrote yourself, you have the following choices:

  • Copy the link to the post
  • Reply to the post
  • Share the post in another app
  • Bookmark the article

If you press link to copy everything is fine. But if you reply to a post or press the other buttons, the correct will not happen. The following happens

  • Reply is linked to the Reblog Feature (Which should also not available for own Posts)
  • Share is linked to Reply to the Post
  • Add to Bookmark is linked to the Share Feature.

How to reproduce

  1. Log in to your Steem Account by using the latest Version of the eSteem Mobile App
  2. Go to your own Profile
  3. On the Upper Right Side of the Post Hit the three Points to Open the Menu
  4. Try to Bookmark , Share or Reply your own Post
  • Device: Huawei Mate 10 Pro
  • OS: Latest Andrpid Version
  • Version of eSteem: v.2.0.8, 839

Recording Of The Bug

Youtube Hosted Video / Screen Video that shows the Issue

GitHub Account


Opened Issue on Github:

Additional Notes

I think that this will also show the options that are available for other posts. (contributions of other users) and here no special reprogramming was carried out like with own contributions one deals.

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