[KnackSteem] - Beneficiaries, redirection and bugs

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This PR adds 15% beneficiaries for @knacksteem.org , a http to https redirection and some general improvements listed below. A few tiny bugs have been fixed too, but they are way too small for an extra contribution :)

Repository & Pull Requests


About knacksteem.org

"Do you have any talent? If yes! then KnackSteem is for you."
"Rewards people with talents, it can be any talent, anything you know how to do best is highly welcome on the platform."

Technology Stack

  • JavaScript ES6+ with Babel
  • React + Redux
  • Ant Design

Main Changes / New Features

  • Beneficiaries to post/edit actions - 15% for @knacksteem.org.
  • http > https redirection for the express server.
  • New "Reserved" route in addition to the "Pending" articles. "Reserved" means "Supvervisors will take a look later". Both are using the same "Review" route.
  • Cover image sizing bugfix - it was not contained in the article list item.
  • POST requests did not work anymore (Approve, Reject, New Contribution, ...) because of a missing dollar sign in the template string of the POST url.
  • The scroll issue with articles/users happens because of 404 server error code if there are no more entries. The issue needs to be solved server side, so i removed the temporary workaround.
  • The API call to get information about the currently logged in user includes the Access Token now.
  • Double Scrollbars were visible on longer pages. The last PR includes a bugfix for that, setting a minimum height for the content and removing unneccessary Ant Design overrides in CSS.
  • The filter routing in the Frontend code has been removed and searching only happens server side now - for all routes.


Before the cover image fix


After the cover image fix


New pending/reserved routes



Most changes should be self explanatory, here are additional details about some specific tasks:


15% of the author reward goes to @knacksteem.org, the code to post new articles is a bit more complex now. The extensions array includes the settings for beneficiaries:

//post with beneficiaries
const operations = [
     parent_author: '',
     parent_permlink: tags[0],
     author: store.user.username,
     permlink: newPermLink,
     title: title,
     body: body,
     json_metadata: JSON.stringify({
       tags: tags
  ['comment_options', {
    author: store.user.username,
    permlink: newPermLink,
    max_accepted_payout: '100000.000 SBD',
    percent_steem_dollars: 50,
    allow_votes: true,
    allow_curation_rewards: true,
    extensions: [
      [0, {
        beneficiaries: [{account: 'knacksteem.org', weight: 1500}]

await SteemConnect.broadcast(operations);


Side Note: In order to post articles with beneficiaries, you need to add the comment_options scope to your SteemConnect login.

http > https redirection

Automatic redirection is done with the express middleware express-http-to-https, excluding redirection on localhost:

app.use(redirectToHTTPS([/localhost:(\d{4})/], [], 301));


nginx would be a better solution for this (and for static resources) - So if someone wants to contribute...or i may just do it by myself later.

Cover image

The inline styles have been moved to CSS files, and the bug that leads to larger cover images is gone - see screenshots.

coverImage {
  width: 280px;
  float: left;
  margin-right: 20px;

.coverImage img {
  width: 100%;
  height: auto;



  • The possibility to upload images in the editor needs to be implemented.
  • There are some minor bugs, feel free to contact the @knacksteem.org team to help out with those.

How to contribute?

Talk to @knowledges (or me) :)

My GitHub Account: https://github.com/ateufel

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  ·  3년 전
  • Great work, it's good to see the project moving forward.

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15% of the author reward goes to @knacksteem.org,

Aren't 15% pretty high? I feel anything over 10% Beneficiaries is overpriced, if you ask me.
But, anyway, it looks promising and could be a good alternative.



I agree. 15% seems really hight to mee too.

Maybe you they could create an option where the user can choose if he wants to give the minimum amount of 10% or if he wants to give 15%. And people who give 15% could get some extra feature for their support.

Kind regards

The Secret Service


A "Beneficiaries Slider" from 5% to 20% seems pretty neat, indeed! :)

@knowledges, what would be your opinion on that?
The slider could offer a varying "donation" to your service, and most likely, if the default is at 15%, most will leave it at 15%! :D


Hello @serylt!
I am the founder of the project. 15% beneficiary is not high considering how it is shared.
12% of the reward is reserved and sent to the project sponsors. The sponsors reward is proportional to the amount of SP they delegate to @knacksteem.org.
The rest 3% of this reward goes to the project moderators and supervisors who are in the care of verifying the quality of every content shared via KnackSteem.
We hope to attract more sponsors to enable us to give our contributors a fair reward. And in return, we want to appreciate them for supporting this great initiative.
For this reason, 15% is fair.


Greetings @knowledges,
from what I can tell, I still think that 15% is rather high and I'd reduce it to 10% if I were you, but I am not you, so it's just what I think. :)

Either way, whoever uses your platform gives these 10-15% of their rewards.
No matter if they're comments or postings, no matter if they get voted and curated by you, or not. The contributors seem to be the authors and writers of said content, which have to give away 15% of their potential reward, in that case.
Whether they get upvoted/curated by you, or not - which could grant a substantial passive income if they keep using the platform/frontend even without your curation.

Of course, why not try it with 15% and see how much comes in and reduce it later.
Or, vice versa, increase from 10% to 15% if it doesn't suffice.

You do you, though. :)


Glad that you ain't me :) because if you were me, you would understand that running this project on a server is quite"expensive." It's normal for people to think that the beneficiary reward is high, but come to think of it, we are only keeping 3% for the team and 12% to our sponsors. Just citing an example, Dtube takes even higher (25%), yet a lot of people use it.

Of course, why not try it with 15% and see how much comes in and reduce it later.

Yeah, a good idea and something we might consider in the future.


Seems fair. I have no numbers on how much a server costs or how much exactly would come in.

There's a reason why I don't use DTube. The reason are those exact 25% :D

Hey @luschn
Thanks for contributing on Utopian.
We’re already looking forward to your next contribution!

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  ·  3년 전

You got a 37.14% upvote from @ocdb courtesy of @luschn!