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CoinTracking is a portfolio website for tracking cryptocurrency assets. They have lots of exchanges and blockchains already integrated with the site to import automatically, but STEEM is not one of them. However, they do have a "Custom Exchange Import" option to add in different exchanges that don't have a dedicated import option.

This application is a NodeJS project, that uses the steem-js library to make a connection to the STEEM blockchain, fetches all transactions for a given user, and converts it to a CSV file that can be imported into CoinTracking. It can be run with Node installed locally, or using a container environment like Docker (instructions in the project README for that).

The STEEM blockchain allows all transactions to be viewed for any user, so there's no login/credentials needed to run this script.

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Thank you for the contribution. It has been approved. It was a good script but lacks desciption, you need to specify what exactly this script will do in a descriptive way.

Also your repo does not have a license file, which is required. So you must put that before doing your next contribution.

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