Utopian.io: Landingpage German Translation (77%) (Contributor Report #9)

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The Utopian Landingpage will soon be available in multiple languages.


I, for my part, am responsible for the coding and the German translation.



2365 words translated (77%)
100% self-approved... :D

I didn't go for the full 100% yet because the remaining 23% are the FAQ, which is now available in the Help Center maintained by @imwatsi.
I removed the FAQ from the landingpage and replaced the menu item with a link to the Help Center. The existing translations for the FAQ won't be lost. Don't worry.



Chinese, French and German are the first languages I think are ready to go live. Thanks to @daijia, @roxan and.... me, hehe. :P But there are more translations, that are more or less complete but I didn't talk much with the translator or I don't have a second translator to validate the translations. @sweever just informed me about the status of the Arabic translation, could be added next... together with some rtl-text adjustments. :) Also Spanish, Indonesian, Turkish and Russian are more or less complete. Everyone is invited to proof-read the translations (even the German one... :D) and contact me on discord or just comment below.

Thanks to everybody participating in the localization process! In the long term and the more Utopian grows this will be more and more important.

Utopian is for everyone!

Translation Excerpt:

(My post is too short it says... :P)

EN: Earn rewards by contributing to your favorite Open Source projects!
DE: Leiste Beiträge zu Open Source Projekten und werde dafür bezahlt!

EN: Everything starts with an idea. Share your ideas or minor feature requests and help improve a project.
DE: Alles beginnt mit einer Idee. Teile deine Ideen und Verbesserungsvorschläge und hilf so ein Projekt zu verbessern.

EN: Marketing efforts can also be rewarded through Utopian as well. Tell the community what you've done to promote an Open Source project.
DE: Auch Marketingaufwand wird belohnt. Berichte der Community, was du für die Bekanntheit eines Open Source Projekts geleistet hast.

EN: To ensure quality, each contribution is reviewed by one of our moderators, according to our rules. Not respecting these rules will either get you lower rewards or stop your contribution from being accepted at all. However, if your contribution is not accepted, it will still be published on the Steem blockchain, and it can earn rewards. In that case, you will be on your own. Utopian will not reward your contribution nor share it.
DE: Um die Qualität sicherzustellen, wird jede Einreichung von unseren Moderatoren anhand unserer Regeln überprüft. Regelverstöße führen entweder zu geringerer Bezahlung oder die Einreichung wird gar nicht erst akzeptiert. Es werden allerdings grundsätzlich alle Einreichungen auf der Steem Blockchain veröffentlicht und können somit Geld generieren. In diesem Falle bist du jedoch auf dich allein gestellt. Utopian.io wird deinen Beitrag nicht belohnen oder bewerben.

EN: Only merged Pull Requests will be accepted or Open Source projects you maintain never posted on Utopian before, forks included as long as the fork is not just a mirror of the original one. Proof of work required.
DE: Nur zusammengeführte Pull Request oder Open Source Projekte, die du betreust und die noch nicht auf Utopian veröffentlicht wurden, werden akzeptiert. Forks, die vom Original stark abweichen, sind ebenfalls gültig. Arbeitsnachweise sind zwingend erforderlich.

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Good job man carry on thanks

Thank you for your hard work.

Cool! Again what learned. Das macht Dir Keiner so fast after 😊😉😙

Great job to all , and good luck for @sweever and the @utopian-io arabic translation . We hop see it soon

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Thanks a lot,
your @treeplanter

Looks like Chinesse and Russian will be the first ones ;-)

  ·  2년 전

Maybe I will add Russian and Arabic in one update. :P But thanks for your work!!! :)

Great work! ☺

Thank you for the contribution. It has been approved.

You can contact us on Discord.

Hey @mkt I am @utopian-io. I have just upvoted you!


  • You are generating more rewards than average for this category. Super!;)
  • Seems like you contribute quite often. AMAZING!

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