When users choose the "show transaction" feature and change the screen rotation to landscape, suddenly the feature is broken

2년 전

Expected behavior

When the user selects the "show transaction" feature and changes the rotation to the landscape screen this feature should work properly without causing any damage to the feature.

Actual behavior

When the user selects the "show transaction" feature and changes to landscape screen rotation, suddenly the feature is broken and returns to the application's settings page.

How to reproduce

  • Download the application on f-droid.
  • run the app.
  • go to settings and select "show transaction" feature.
  • Turn the screen rotation into landscape.
  • suddenly the feature is broken and returned to the settings page.
  • Browser: Money manager ex version 2018.02.26.981
  • Operating: xiomi redmi 4A android Version - Android: 6.0.1

Recording of the Bug

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Be carefule fushing comment my brother.

Hello @muhammad-syahrul , your contribution can't be accepted because ;

  • Your bug-reports main problem already reported.Program crashes or takes you to main menu in most of the sections.
  • Similliar problem reported here.
  • Main rejection reason is,i was unableto understand your bug-report for a while because you did not explain the steps good and your video was another language.Please be careful in your next bug-reports.Thank you.

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