How To Learn WordPress Website? > Part 2<




Next step What will we learn?

How to create new free hosting account?
How to open freenom account for domain?
Are We Done All Step?




Prior basic internet website knowledge
Basic understanding of the domain and hosting
A desire to learn :)

First One : How to create new free hosting account?

that here I want to refer to hosting. this is easy use for interface and unlimited ad-free load balanced free web hosting service and bandwidth. if you don't understand this bandwidth.
that is link to learn here

there are including PHP, MySQL, FTP, Vistapanel and more specially designed control panel in hosting.
also you can use the awesome Softaculous script installer inside the free hosting control panel. This great application installs over 333 of the most popular scripts such as Blogs, Photo Galleries, Online shopping carts, Social networks and much much more.
that great news for as us as beginner. so let start open new account. click the Sign up for free hosting under Free Hosting Menu in website or this link.
and fill the ensure subdomain name inbox your domain name not must include www and .com like this '' myfreedomain '' . next continue be fill password and your email.
and you can choose site category. I have choose with personal. write down inbox security code as give as. click on register. Let start look like below image!

Gif 11.gif

So they will sent to you an email for account comfirmation.
look to your in email or spam folder. look below image.
Steemit post 1.jpg

this is login information for your cpanel account and mysql,ftp onfo.if you can't see perfectly infomation on comfirmation link. they will sent to your inbox of email. there you can find it.
Steemit post 4.jpg

So we have one own free hosting account. that login to get for domain name server.
steemit post 5.jpg

How to open freenom account for domain?

So let start we go next open free domain account. click to and choose your domain name.
but it will not get same other people using domain name with which you choose domain name. so change your name so you will get perfectly as you it ok as you like that click on check availability.
steemit post 8.jpg

next step we have to check out their product domain.previous i was tell like this , be choose use DNS and
Use your Own DNs. so we need to name server. that is point to domain and hosting. choose period @12 Month free that is your easy for renewable. It Done click on


steemit post 9.jpg

next on page we have to fill the detail form for domain . that is product comfirmation. so fill the detail in the form as you like.
steemit post 11.jpg

under you will see like that. so it is successful your free domain account.
steemit post 12.jpg

Are We Done All Step?

No we Done yet. we have to install website in hosting. so please be patient next tutorial. this tutorial i hope you will understand and good helpful for you!
Thank for Reading


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