PHP Steem Tools - An Open Source Library For The Steem Blockchain (Updated Method for this tool)

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PHP Steem Tools - An Open Source Library For The Steem Blockchain (Updated Method for this tool)


What is the project about?

I was thinking of developing a PHP library for steem to use for a personal project of mine but then decided to check if something of such already exist. Fortunately, i found PHP-Steem Tool. This tool is an open source PHP library built by @dragosroua and is currently used as a tool for building

Checkout his post for more info

According to the project owner, PHP Steem Tools wants to be a wrapper on top of a few APIs, including, but not limited to the Steem blockchain API.

Currently, it is packaged as a composer module and it has the following features:

  • alternative transport: cURL / websocket
  • get user JSON data
  • get current prices for Steem / SBD from
  • converts vests to Steem Power
  • access the following endpoints:
    -- get_discussions_by_author_before_date,
    -- get_replies_by_last_update,
    -- get_current_median_history_price
    -- get_content
    -- get_content_replies
    -- get_discussions_by_comments
    -- get_account_votes
    -- get_account_history
    -- get_followers
    -- lookup_accounts
    -- get_accounts
    -- get_api_by_name
    -- get_dynamic_global_properties


While making use of this tool, i noticed over 80% of steemjs api methods are not included and this is quiet understandable because according to the project owner

I decided to open source parts of the code I used when I created, namely the formalizable parts, in an Open Source library called PHP Steem Tools.

Methods available in this tool were methods only used by the project owner in creating So i decided to update this tool and making it a more complete library by adding all available API Methods on

How i implement this?

All API methods were from

// Contributions by @profchydon
+   // Getting this tool up to date with all available methods on api.steemjs documentation
+   public function setSubscribeCallback ($params)
+   {
+           $result = $this->SteemLayer->call('set_subscribe_callback', $params);
+           return $result;
+   }
+   public function setPendingTransactionCallback ($params)
+   {
+           $result = $this->SteemLayer->call('set_pending_transaction_callback', $params);
+           return $result;
+   }
+   public function setBlockAppliedCallback ($params)
+   {
+           $result = $this->SteemLayer->call('set_block_applied_callback', $params);
+           return $result;
+   }
+   public function cancelAllSubscriptions ($params)
+   {
+           $result = $this->SteemLayer->call('cancel_all_subscriptions', $params);
+           return $result;
+   }

Merged Pull Request

Pull Request 1

Pull request 2

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