STEEMASK UPDATE: Homepage feeds Available

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STEEMASK UPDATE: Homepage feeds Available


What is the project about?

SteemAsk is a question and answer website that is been built to allow users ask both steem and non-steem related question while getting reply from other members of the community. Many steemit users especially newbies need guidance and most times they wish can get access to other members and ask question to help them be successful on steemit. SteemAsk provides the platform for this, and users can also search for questions to get quick answers. SteemAsk is the stackoverflow of the steem blockchain.

How does it work?

SteemAsk works exactly like every other question and answer forum, but on SteemAsk:

  • Users can upvote questions and answers they find really helpful.

  • Users can check payout for their and any other account

  • Users can trade Steem and SBD in the marketplace.

Previous Update

New Features

  • Custom homepage feeds now available on homepage: The homepage has been tailored to only display steemask related feeds, but for the purpose of this post, since there are little or no steemask posts on the steem blockchain currently, i made used of the steemjet tag to fetch and display only steemjet related posts.


  • Loader animation on homepage: While the process of data retrieval takes place, i implemented the loader animation to keep user engaged while waiting.

  • Markdown converted to plain text for readability using showdownjs: For readability and good user experience, posts have been converted from markdown format to plain text using an open source jquery library showdown.js.

  • User can now view trending, hot and new steemask related posts

How i implemented this?

As soon as the webpage is ready, using $(document).ready(function () { i retrieved steemask posts using the steem.api.getDiscussionsByCreated

$(document).ready(function () {

    function fetchFeeds() {
      var query = { limit: 100, tag: "steemask",};

      steem.api.getDiscussionsByCreated(query, function (err, result) {

        var post = result;


          var body = jQuery.trim(value.body).substring(0, 600);
          var img = """/avatar";
          var pending_payout = parseFloat(value.pending_payout_value);
          var paid_out = parseFloat(value.total_payout_value) + parseFloat(value.curator_payout_value);
          if (pending_payout != 0.00) {
              var payout = pending_payout;
          }else {
              var payout = paid_out;
          var tags = JSON.parse(value.json_metadata);

          tags = tags.tags;

Since the format of the posts is markdown, i used the showdown.js plugin to convert the post body to plain text

// Instantiate a new showdown converter object
          var converter = new showdown.Converter();
          //converts markdown to html
          body = converter.makeHtml(body);

          body = body.replace(/(<([^>]+)>)/ig,"").replace(/<a(\s[^>]*)?>.*?<\/a>/ig,"").replace(/(?:https?|ftp):\/\/[\n\S]+/g,"").substr(0, 600) + '...';

Loader animation was implemented using simple html, css and jquery

Trending and hot posts were retrieved using steem.api.getDiscussionsByTrending(query, function (err, result) and steem.api.getDiscussionsByHot(query, function (err, result)


All commits are placed above in their respective positions.


  • Get all basic functionalities working

  • Release Alpha version for testing

  • Get all other functionalities working

  • Release beta version

  • Continuous maintenance and addition of features for better user experience

How to contribute

You can contact me on discord: @profchydon

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I love how it works, simple and direct. This needs more visibility on the steem blochchain.

Uncomplicated article. I learned a lot of interesting and cognitive. I'm screwed up with you, I'll be glad to reciprocal subscription))

Nice and informative article. I learnt many question about it. Thanks for sharing.

Nice information.I would like to be the part of steamAsk.

Thanks for the contribution, @profchydon! What are the basic functionalities that don't work yet?

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Hi @amosbastian
Most of the basic functionalities are working now exception of posting and upvoting functionality which will be addressed in the next update. Hopefully in the next update, users should be able to ask questions and also uovote questions.

Hey @profchydon
Thanks for contributing on Utopian.
We’re already looking forward to your next contribution!

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Resteemed. Great work @profchydon