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Gutenberg is a new editor for wordpress. Wordpress will use this starting from version 5.0 as a default editor. Getenberg has many advantage over classic editor. I want Steempresss to integrate with Gutenberg. This is integration so some kind of coding will be needed.

Proposal Description

Steempress work very well with classic editor. There is an option to choose whether post to steem or not. I would like to add this feature to Gutenberg editor.

publish to steem.PNG

In above image, An arrow is pointing to public to steem check box.


In Gutenberg editor there is no option for the public to steem check box. This is because integration with Gutenberg is still needed.

Mockups / Examples

gutenberg public to steem.png

I would like to add public to resteem check box under the Public. It is labelled in the above image. As a ender use I don't know about the coding. If steempress developers need code for integation, the following link will lead to wordpress/gutenberg project in github.



As wordpress will use gutenberg as a default editor starting form version 5.0. A lots of blogger will use this because of its design and easy to use features. Steempress team will need to follow with wordpress changes.

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Hello @ptcmyanmar, Thank you for contributing through Utopian.

Take few minutes to read https://join.utopian.io/guidelines/ it's very important to know the things to consider when choosing projects to suggests on.
The project repository does not contain any codes and likewise has not received any update for the past 9 months.

According to our policies and guidelines

Contributions to repositories that have not received any program code updates for longer than 6 months, will not be eligible for potential reward.


The Github repository linked to the submission post must contain the project’s source code, a readme file with usage and install instructions and an appropriate open source license, or be directly connected to such a repository.

Take your time to read the guidelines before submitting any further suggestion to avoid minor mistakes.

I so much appreciate your effort and would love to receive more contributions from you.

In addition, A blog post by @knowledges, The Community Manager for Suggestion Category could be of value if you could take a few of your time to read and assimilate.

Thank you!!!

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Sorry, I choose wrong repository. I think the owner is fluway but It is not. I will change repository and could you check again. By the way I have another suggestion post about eSteem Surfer. Here is the link:


  ·  작년

Ok, I'II check again


Hello I would like to know do you accept my suggestion or not.


Hello I would like
To know do you accept my
Suggestion or not.

                 - ptcmyanmar

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

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Read https://join.utopian.io/guidelines/ mentioning of Utopian on github services is prohibited


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