STEEMPUNKNET - creating the Guild of WolfGuards, to enhance player enjoyment

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The Guild of WolfGuards



1. Introduction
  1. Mission Statement
  2. The Guild Name
  3. Guild Logo and Motto
  4. The Guild Ranks
  5. The Guild Rank Functions
  6. The Guild Rules
  7. The Guild Requests to SPN
  8. The Project Overview
  9. The Remuneration Programme, and the Promotion Programme
  10. The Guild Backstory

1. Introduction

As part of the continued development of the STEEMPUNK-NET MMORPG blockchain game, and after a great start to the Guild of NanoGuards project (the brainchild of @jillfeint), @ravenruis has created a second guild. The vision is that this will help enhance the game-playing experience even more, especially in a team-vs-team environment.
As players, we are excited to support the game in any way we can, although we have no legal affiliation with the STEEMPUNK-NET (SPN) game creators. The Guild has been created, and will function, independently of the SPN game makers PCSG-Dev.

2. Mission Statement

To support the game developers.
To encourage new players to the game.
To keep players interested in the game.
To enhance the enjoyment of the game.
To incentivise active players.

3. The Guild Name

The Guild of WolfGuards

4. Guild Logo & Motto


wolfguards - small.png

Great appreciation goes to @oendertuerk for designing this fabulous logo.

Bravery, Integrity, Whimsy

5. The Guild Ranks

Guild of WolfGuards.png

6 .The Guild Rank Functions

Captain (of which there is 1) - administrate; moderate; curate; create; report, suggest

  • They report to the SPN game administrators/developers any ideas they
    have, or problems they find, regarding the game, although this is
    purely in a supportive capacity.
  • They administrate two lieutenants, and oversee their duties.
  • They develop and run the Guild curation programme, which includes
    maintaining and growing the Guild profile account.
  • They create and maintain the structure & development of the Guild.

Lieutenants (of which there are 2) - recruit and oversee cadets; reports weekly to the Captain regarding Cadets’ duties

  • The two lieutenants are responsible for the recruitment and
    overseeing the maintenance of duties as expected of the Cadets.
  • They post weekly activity reports to the Captain.
  • They will be given tasks to carry out, by the Captain.
  • They will be encouraged to support their fellow Guild members by

Cadets (of which there are 6) - the cadets are all active players who want to belong to the Guild, so they must follow the rules. They are the recruiters who drop invites to potential new players.

  • They will report directly to their assigned lieutenants.
  • One of their main duties will be to go onto Steemit and find
    non-players to invite to the game each week. Then they report back to
    their lieutenants with their lists. (This will help in not inviting
    the same person twice.)
  • They are ambassadors for the game, and must be polite and respectful
    while representing the Guild, and therefore the SPN game, at all
  • They will be supported with upvotes from the Guild, when possible.
  • They will be encouraged to show support for fellow Guild members by

6. The Guild Rules

Each week the Guild members must find new people to ask to join the game, by issuing invitations. They should leave something like this comment message (including images) in appropriate posts.


guild invite screencapture.JPG

The Guild members then drop the links to those comment invites into a dedicated server room, as proof of task completed. Tallies of these count towards earning top place in the reports.

Once the Guild’s own profile account has built up enough reserves, a reward system may be able to be offered to Guild members, based on performance, tasks and other activities as set by the Captain.

Guild members must never give a flag to anyone while representing the Guild or SPN. If there are any serious problems, please discuss them with your Captain or the SPN admins.

The Guild may encourage its members to vote for the witnesses and sponsors who support the SNP community. A list of these will be available in the Guild’s SPN Discord room.

8. Guild Requests to SPN

  • An area in the Discord server for the Guild. Only those in the Guild,
    and admins and mods to have access, so that only Guild business is
    posted in there.
  • Copies of game statistics for data such as the best Guild player, the
    top recruiter, and others we may develop, from which to base our
    curation system off of.
  • Data collection of statistics such as the number of new players who
    have joined the game from the Guild recruitment programme. This will
    help us judge how successful we are being.
  • An addition to the Daily Bulletin statistics if possible, which shows
    whether a fighter who makes the list is also a member of a Guild
    (e.g: Top Fighter = ravenruis [Guild of Wolves] ).
  • A place in the Daily Bulletin statistics reserved for Guild players
    (e.g: Top Guild Player).

9. The Project Overview

Similarly to what the Guild of NanoGuards set out to achieve with their project, for this project it is intended to achieve everything that was named in the Mission Statement, but also with the aim of making the STEEMPUNK-NET game, and the Guild, surpass these goals.
The vision is that current and new players not only stay in the game, but just as importantly, that people can do several things that they love: play, enjoy Steemit, and share in rewards.

While the original Guild of NanoGuards whitepaper set out a solidly-structured formula for further guilds to follow, of two Captains, four Lieutenants and twelve Cadets, @ravenruis has decided to trial a system of halving that structure so that any one person can run their own guild if they desire. So, as the diagram above has shown, there is one Captain, two Lieutenants, and six Cadets.

We are also interested in helping SPN translate the game into different languages so that even more people can play, so would love to see Guild members volunteering - or finding keen translators - to become a part of this worthwhile project.

10. The Remuneration Programme, and the Promotion Programme

The Guild, with SPN support, would like to work on a curation project to remunerate its members. This will help encourage players. At least some of the curation can be done off of the daily/weekly stats reports. Currently, daily rewards are issued to the top two players with the most victories, the top two players with the most duels, and the two players who had the closest fight. There is scope for further payouts and categories to add to the daily rewards system; and possibly a weekly system also. Otherwise the Guild will organise this manually.

The Guild may incentivise its members via special rewards, at its discretion. These special rewards may be earned via players’ duties and various Steemit activities, as the Guild Captain determines.

The Guild’s curation project would include monitoring of the @steempunknet and @steempunksnet profiles as well as the #steempunknet #steempunksnet #spn #spn-daily tags, and other tags deemed relevant, with the purpose of supporting appropriate posts and comments with upvotes. Monitoring of the tags is easily achieved via the GINAbot, for example.

The Guild Captain will run the guild, in part at least, through its own specially-created profile - @wolfguards, thus building up an account balance in order to begin curating its members. Included will be regular posts on things like team stats, player profiles and other topics deemed suitable.

Delegation (even temporarily) of Steem Power by anyone desiring to help us build up our account would be most appreciated. Automatic upvoting of our posts, via SteemAuto for example, would also be very much appreciated.

11. The Guild Backstory

Guild members will be encouraged to create backstories for their game characters. This could be as minimal or as detailed as each person wants to do. Each character will help create the story of the Guild, and fit it into the greater SPN story. These will hopefully be published via the Guild’s own profile.

As Steemit grows, contributors develop new tools and some of these may become useful to the Guild. For example, there is a new way to create and publish books - so there is scope for the Guild to create a book based off the stories members develop. There is also the hope that we would be able to translate these stories into a range of languages so more people could enjoy them.


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I've not played this in a while. Creating a backstory is almost enough to lure me back in!

Nice to see you are still around having fun time with it and are growing even more powerful.


Only 'almost enough'? Now I am sad, lol.

Have you seen the new housing modules? So much fun stuff coming on board, and I believe they've got even more cool stuff for us in the future. It would be awesome to have you jump back in, and kicking some butt. ;)


I took a small peak at housing when it was new. Then thought about how time consuming it be to get all resources and I didn't ant get sucked in hehe.

I still check in from time to time and drop some upvotes on them to show my support. It really is a great thing to see on the blockchain.


Steemit and Discord as a whole are time vortexes (just like how FB used to be before we knew better ;) )

Do drop into the server sometimes and say hello. :D

Very interesting concept about your guild and I like your ideas about supporting guild members by curating on their posts. So my first question is when is the guild open for members and how do I get invited into your guild?


The guild is open (as is the Guild of NanoGuards - so you have a choice!). I recommend getting into the habit of logging into steempunket daily and starting as many battles as possible, and also collecting chest items. :)

Guild of WolfGuards
invites you to join them in the game

an awesome MMORPG blockchain game you can play simply by doing the things you normally do on Steemit; and it doesn't matter what your rep level is, everyone has an equal chance of winning battles and collecting loot.
So if you want to know more about the project and maybe joining a Guild for extra fun and support, enter the discord invite server, follow the welcome guides, and get your game on.
You can battle your friends, or find new opponents to annihilate in the Clockwork Arena.

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