FlagTrail - Improved User Control and Performance

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It has been a little over 3 months since I have posted a development update of FlagTrail. In this time there were many updates to the bot. Most of the updates were pushed to give more power to the users and improve bot's performance.

Giving more control to the users

A new user settings command has been introduced which enables users to pause/resume, setting follow-on comments on or off (on by default), and also set a role for them - now a user can only be a healer or a flagger or both (default). Healers accounts won't flag then will be used to heal retaliation flags.

Command: ?set prop value

Example of commands:

Let's say I don't want to follow-on comment under SFR comment. By not commenting I am declining rewards.

?set rabbitbot comment false


From next flag, @rabbitbot won't comment but it will flag. To start follow-on comments again set comment to true.

Suppose after a while, @rabbitbot needs to use its voting power somewhere else. It can pause using the trail.

?set rabbitbot pause true


When it wants to resume, it can set pause to false.

If @rabbitbot wants to be a healer only. It can command:

?set rabbitbot heal only


To be only a flagger it can command:

?set rabbitbot heal off

Or to be both it can set heal to on.

A user can have multiple accounts and can only change their settings. But SFR moderators can change settings of any accounts. All settings command will work on DM (more on it below).

There is a new ?private command which will allow users to add and manage their account(s) in private chat with the bot. This is required to add secret accounts privately or change settings of them.

upvote, downvote, delete, and set commands for SFR moderators won't work on DM, those need to be on the FlagTrail server.

Declaimer: Only I have access to the database at this moment, so I can find out who owns/controls an account registered to the bot. If you don't want me knowing that, please do not subscribe.

Improvement to the Bot

FlagTrail won't flag a content if there is no SFR approval comment and in that comment there no flag category present.

Flag category is necessary to issues follow-on comments effectively so that the SFR bot can pick up the category while approving the flag.

A new command ?stats added which will show cumulative SP of the users, cumulative voting power and number of users registered to the bot.




Pull Request



  • Max number of vote limitation per day settings
  • Better URL validation for upvote and downvote
  • Improve SFR comment and category detection
  • Make the bot compatible with new SFR credit system which is in development
  • In case of upvote using healer accounts first

Discord Servers

FlagTrail: https://discord.gg/GhYhRnf
SteemFlagRewards: https://discord.gg/aXmdXRs


  1. Introducing FlagTrail - Steemauto for Flagging Abuse
  2. Call-to-Action Join SFR flagtrail #CleanSTEEM
  3. All aboard, the @flagtrail


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And the rabbit hops on to the next abuse...

Thanks for your anti-abuse contribution, Reazul.

Giving more control to the users is always a great step forward for any project. Appreciate the disclaimer for the trail subscribers, this should be a fair notice before they use the Flag Trail's features.

The new options are great for those who want to flag only or heal only. Or for the weary - pause and resume. Awesome.

What's next for the wabbit?

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The wabbit cannot tell all the secrets. ;)

Thank you so much for the review. Have a good day. :)


Tell us more or the !rabbit gets it.


Thank you for your review, @lovenfreedom! Keep up the good work!


Thanks. I am sure more will follow. :)

Great work with @flagtrail @reazuliqbal, and thanks for adding a couple of tutorials to this update :)


Thank you for being a part of it. :)

Really cool work, @reazuliqbal! This gives a lot of controls and possibilities to the users with an easy to use interface.


Trying to make it easier for everyone to join the fight. Thanks for joining the trail and commenting.


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I will have to research this.
I use bots but reasonable bids usually and never on crap.
People using bid bots to extreme has always annoyed me and now with bots helping people bid like steemium its getting worse.
Anyone have any thoughts on using bots while powering down? Or on 'brandnew' accounts?

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It's even worse when you see people yelling at someone who accidentally "overbid". It makes the practice look even ugly.

How they buy votes is never a concern of mine. It has always been what they buy votes on that annoy me.


Stopping people who have profit as their main agenda is easy, take away the profit. The bigger issue is stopping people who don't care if they lose money.
There is a lot of toxic content that isnt necessarily low quality or theft, but it also makes the block chain look awful and unsustainable when its promoted to the moon. I understand there are priorities and I am thankful people are raising the bar. I may fund an alt account to join the flag trail, or just delegate, not sure yet.

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Some bid bot users powerdown to bid again using the liquid Steem. I personally not against using bid bots but against plagiarism, spam, and using bid bots on extremely low effort contents.

Thank your commenting.

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