Add a "like-weight" to the heart button

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We all love steepshot, but it is only possible to vote up a post with 100% steempower.
Like the steepshot also needed a feature that allows a User to define how much they want to vote on a post.


In order to keep the UI simple and slick like it is now, my proposal would be to define in the settings the default vote-weight. Similiar to
On it looks like this:

and on steemit, as we all know, it looks like this:

Personally I like the steemit style more then the style. So a slider would be the better option from my point of view.
The slider should be positioned in the settings-tab of steepshot. here:


I and also other users have a lot of steempower and most of us use it very carefully. I would rather help and upvote more users and posts then focus all my steempower on a few posters.

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thats really agood idea to have the feature at steepshot like steemit mavilious @rockz you rock with it!

  ·  2년 전

well i know about steempower but i didn't know that steep shot don't have a slider up a post with 100% steempower is quite interesting like you want or not you have to vote 100 %?

very useful information.
how do i make a post get 100% vote?

thanks for the info sir.☺ Appreciate your post.👍

Your contribution cannot be approved because it is a duplicate. It is very similar to a contribution that was already accepted here.

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great idea

appreciate this idea, upvoted