@dStors Going Open Source

9개월 전

Lots of things have been happening on the Steemit platform regarding the turn of events of @dStors!

Yesterday, @dStors released an official statement regarding the @dStors project. At present, @kaliju and @derangedvisions are the two main project managers in the team!

It was a very sad situation for all of us to witness the entire drama of the split up of the original team. On the other hand, it is better that everything is transparent and openly revealed to all who are concerned about the @dStors project.

From hitting over the roof of 1 Mil SP delegation in 4 days, the SP has now dropped significantly in the last couple of days. Yes, we need to give time for all delegators to re-evaluate the situation. This, I believe, is a good thing!

Being a person who is engaged in Open Source work, I am happy to hear this announcement from the official statement by @dStors:

  1. Because I love open source and starting from here on out - @dstors will be fully open source and we will be sharing our ideas with the community and implementing your suggestions and feedback, so that we can finish building a truly unique shopping channel on the steem blockchain and be proud of it! I feel good about this one.


I have been working with @elear and the entire @Utopian-io team for more than a year, @dStors, we invite you to come and join us at the @Utopian-io discord channel for support and help in development.

As one of the Community manager for the Utopian-DaVinci translation category, we already have a group of 17 language teams ready to do translation to get the @dStors project going global once your documents are ready.

@kaliju is also looking for developers to rebuild the @dStors team

The main developer @morning left to "work" for "dcommerce". He was a good guy to talk to. All the best to him and I hope he understands that it's not always about the code. I'll be looking to rebuild the team - talk to me on discord if you want to get your hands dirty and do something cool. We can take it to traditional funding routes after the demo if you're interested in "getting stoked by wiifm".

Please come and join us at the @dStors Discord Channel.

This is what @dStors team is busy doing right now!

Keep updated with new development as @dstors have "innovation upon innovation" from hereon,



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