Introducing The Decentralized YouTube Alternative (DTube Promotional Video)

4년 전

Hello guys,
Here is a video promotional video I made for @dtube, the awesome YouTube alternative built on the Steem blockchain. D.Tube is @heimindanger's brainchild, a project worth every penny and effort.

Software Used: Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro.

The work process

In After Effects:

Screenshot (410).png
Screenshot (411).png

Screenshot (412).png

Screenshot (413).png

Screenshot (414).png
Screenshot (415).png

Screenshot (416).png

Screenshot (417).png

In Premiere Pro

I added the audio in Premiere Pro and rendered
Screenshot (419).png

Screenshot (420).png

Download the After Effects, Premiere Pro Project files and audio here

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Good findings bro,you have done a great job

Waww great introduction...its very informative post about youtube i like your post and apprecait you dear.....upvote me dear


Thanks bro

Best video explanation? I will try...


Thanks bro

Wow you make great promotional videos bro!

Do you do personal requests?

How can I contact you? I am on and discord


Thanks sir @futurethinker.
Yes, I take personal requests. You can reach me on discord: royalfinest#5911 or @royalfinest.

This is interesting nice one

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