My Entry For Utopian Open Source Radio Show Logo And Screen Design Contest

3년 전


A Contest/Task request was made by @jedigeiss for a logo/screen for Utopian Open Source Radio Show. According to him, the Utopian logo must be the basis of the design and the design must also have the P.A.L. logo.
Here is my design:

The cover:

Utopian Radio Show Screen 2.png

Utopian Radio Show Screen.png

The Logo

Utopian Radio Show Logo.png

Utopian Radio Show Logo BW.png


Font: Arial Bold
Software's Used: Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop

The work process:

Screenshot (13).pngScreenshot (14).png
Screenshot (15).png
Screenshot (16).png
Screenshot (18).png

Screenshot (19).png
Screenshot (20).png

Original files

Download the lllustrator and PSD Files On Google Drive


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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Your contribution cannot be approved because it does not follow the Utopian Rules.


  • Task request already ended when you posted.


  • You didn't provide color alternatives
  • You didn't provide size alternatives
  • You use the old Utopian logo.

Please take your time with your presentation/files and read Utopian Rules before your next contribution.

The contribution was reviewed by @oups , I sent this comment because he is limited by the bandwidth.

You can contact us on Discord.