My Entry To 1UP Logo Design Contest

4년 전

Here is my entry to the #1UP logo design contest by @flauwy.
To make the logo, I created a thumbs up mascot in Adobe Illustrator and then used the thumbs up mascot as a blue print to draw the 1UP logo pixel art in Adobe Photoshop.

1 Up Thumbs.jpg

The Illustrator Thumbs up mascot I created for the logo.

The 1UP Logo

1 UP Logo Black BG 1000px.png

1000x1000 px

1 UP Logo Black BG 500px.png

500x500 px

1 UP Logo Thumbs Up Black BG 1000px.png

1 UP Logo White BG 1000PX.png


1 UP Logo White BG 500PX.png


1 UP Logo Thumbs Up 1000px.png


I have adjusted the space between 1 and up, bringing them closer as requested by @flauwy. And I also trimmed the logo, making it background-less.

Here are the updated logos

1 UP Logo Trimed1000px.png


1 UP Logo Trimed 500px.png


Here are the 1UP Thumbs up mascot without the texts

1 UP Thumbs1000px.png


1 UP Thumbs 500px.png


1 UP Thumbs100px.png


1 UP Thumbs 50px.png


1 UP Thumbs 25px.png


The Design Process

I painted the pixel art in Adobe Photoshop using the the mascot I designed in Illustrator as a reference.

Screenshot (364).png
Screenshot (365).png

Screenshot (366).png

Screenshot (367).png

Download the Illustrator and PSD files here

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Great one! I would probably put the 1 a bit closer to the UP. Thanks for the work!


I will adjust it and re-upload


@flauwy, I've updated the logo sir.

Thank you for the contribution. It has been approved.

You can contact us on Discord.

I think it was in the rules to be scalable vector :o


@fabiyamada, It's scalable ma'am.

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