Proposed Logo For Timber Player

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Timber player is an open source music player app on the Android OS with LastFM scrobble support, lyrics support , chromecast support , Android wear support and other awesome features.

Proposed Logo

Timber Player New Logo.png

I got the inspiration for the design from the Timber wood, the play button and the letter "T"
Design Concept.png

The Logo Mockup

Logo Mockup.png

Colour Variation

Logo Color Variation.png

Size Variation

Logo Size variation.png

The Logo Icon

App Icon.png

Logo Colour Code.png

Logo Font.png

Benefits / Improvements

The new logo will showcase Timber player as a music player, unlike the former logo wish was just an headphone vector which didn't really portray Timber player as a music player.
The new logo also has a visual identity identy with Timber Player unlike the old one.


I designed the logo in Adobe Illustrator
Screenshot (22).png
Screenshot (23).png
Screenshot (24).pngScreenshot (26).png
Screenshot (27).png
Screenshot (28).png

Screenshot (29).png

Original files

Download editable files here

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@royalfinest, I always try to support who contribute to open source project, upvote you.

Your contribution cannot be approved because it does not follow the Utopian Rules.

  • source files are nto publicly accesible (edited and fixed)
  • too many effects used. Logo should not relly on effects because they are not possible in all applications.
  • small text is unreadable in small size
  • texts are not converted into outlines
  • no version of logo in one color provided
  • No benefits over their existing design

You can contact us on Discord.


You should be able to download the source file via the link provided. I have inserted another link anyway.

Concerning the effects, I only used scribe effect to create the timber wood. I used no other effect. Kindly open the source file and see for yourself. Thanks.