SteemPlus 2.19 : Updated Boost Button - Collaboration announcement - Earn more with SteemPlus points

4년 전

New boost button

This new version of Steemplus is the result of the collaboration with two well known services on the blockchain : @minnowbooster and @postpromoter.

We've updated the Boost Button so that you ll get the necessary information before purchasing their service.

Find the Boost button on the bottom right of the posts on Steemit :

Or in the ... menu on the bottom of the posts on Busy :

Once there you can get the available votes for you on Minnowbooster :

And see when the next @postpromoter round starts and how much you will get for sending a certain amount :

Why using MinnowBooster and PostPromoter through SteemPlus?

  • Get all the information you need in one place. No need to visit other websites.
  • For each transaction, SteemPlus will get a small commission. This will help us keep going and provide you with many more awesome features.
  • Earn SteemPlus points (read below).

Earn SteemPlus points!

Starting now, SteemPlus will work on integrating more features from third party services.
The money generated through commissions will be used to Power Up the SteemPlus account and upvote SteemPlus users.
Every time you use one of these services, you accumulate points and your SteemPlus vote will correspond to your share of the total SteemPlus points distributed. For example if you own 2% of the SteemPlus points distributed, you will be eligible for a 20% vote everyday (since the account will have 10 full votes available each day).

You can already earn points by:

  • Using the boost button with either MinnowBooster or PostPromoter
  • Use the Post & Donate button when you create a new post
  • More services coming soon

About the SteemPlus vote

SteemPlus account will start its daily votes in September (but you can start earning points today!) .I will make sure there is a minimum of 10kSP by then, hopefully more. As the account grows, the vote will get bigger.

Interested in a partnership with SteemPlus?

Contact @stoodkev on Discord.

How to update?

On Chrome and Opera, it should update automatically when you restart your browser. Otherwise, right click on the extension icon > Manage my extensions > Update .
On Firefox you will have to reinstall the whole extension from Chrome Foxified.

Coming soon

  • More partnerships with STEEM services
  • SteemPlus Android App under developement

Repository, Pull requests and Commits

Wanna contribute?

Join us on Discord

List of features

The complete list of feature and their description can be found in the documentation.

Available on Steemit and Busy
  • Voting slider for minnows (you do not need to vote at 100% anymore!)
  • True value of your account on your wallet (calculated with current SBD and STEEM market prices)
  • Delegation button in your wallet (with list of delegatees and undelegate button)
  • One click switch between Steemit , Busy, Utopian and Steemd
Available on Steemit (and mspsteem)
  • Feed+ : Filter your feed by tags, resteems (hide, show, blacklist, whitelist), reputation and sort it by upvotes/date/payout
  • STEEM/USD and SBD/USD values in the user dropdown
  • Option to add beneficiaries to your post (you can say that 10% of your post payout will go to one of your friends for example) - 5% fee goes to SteemPlus if you use this feature.
  • Cool badges on user profiles show their rank: Plankton, Minnow, Dolphin, Orca and Whales
  • Direct transfer to users
  • Favorites
  • Steem Sincerity
  • All Steemit More Info features
  • Steemit Board Awards
  • Witness information
  • Enhanced wallet
  • Rewards Information

Installation procedures

You can download and install SteemPlus directly from the Chrome Store if you are using Chrome (follow this link ).
For installation procedures on Opera and Firefox, please check our documentation.

@stoodkev and @cedricguillas for @steem-plus

Powered by @adsactly

Powered by @utopian-io

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Great addition! I also like this SteemPlus points idea. At the moment just curious where we are going to see how many points we've earned?!


Check my answer to @johnstone above.
As for the location, I'm thinking to include it on Steemit's top bar


To be honest, I noticed it the moment I posted my comment but didn't want to delete it. Sorry! 😊


You have collected your daily Power Ups! Your posts received total upvotes worth of 1.13$.
Learn how to power up smart here!

Excellent move on adding the points earning capability to the system. This is the general direction things are going (ex. SteemHunt, etc.) and is a VERY EFFECTIVE way to help people gain the sense of having some skin in the game. This "tokenification" evolution is start to really bring this wholoe Steemit platform to the next level. With the new addition of this feature I will now SURELY allocate some of the earnings from some/most of my posts to you @steem-plus folks. I was excited about this project ALREADY. but no see that these is SIGNIFICANT potential for EVERYONE to benefit from this, and for the tool to develop at an EVEN FASTER and MORE SERIOUS rate. Great job!

Thank you for your contribution. This is a nice addition.

  1. You could have a pre-defined list of vote buying accounts instead of hard-coding for each.
  2. chrome.runtime.sendMessage has quite a few parameters, you may want to split over new lines for readablity.
  3. remove commented-out code.

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  1. No. This is based on partnership
  2. You re right
  3. No. Might be used again soon

Use the Post & Donate button when you create a new post

So these will be opt-in beneficiaries for @steem-plus account in exchange for your "steemplus shares" right?


Yep! But I m happy to report that people were already using it before this announcement to support SteemPlus =)


i am using steemplus follow@steem-plus but not getting upvote plz. tell me how to do. ?


As written in the post, you can start earning points by using the services so you will get bigger upvotes when they start in September

Oh wie blöd, muss diesen Beitrag damals irgendwie verpasst haben 😑

Dass mit den @SteemPlus -Punkten finde ich eine Tolle Idee.
Da ich momentan zuhause bin und viel Zeit habe, verbringe ich die meiste davon auf Steemit. Ich lese sehr viel auf @Partiko, wenn ich gerade unterwegs bin.
Somit werde ich mit dem ganzen viel vertrauter und Spaß macht es auch 😄
Bin auch seit kurzem bei @Discord.

Use the Post & Donate button when you create a new post.

I think it should be post and support button.

Use the Post & Donate button Post and Support button when you create a new post.


Oops you re right!

Very good plugin, but it would be useful to blacklist a tag. This feature seems not to be present:


Very cool update! I have this question - Where do I find the number of SteemPlus points that my account has right now?


It has not been implemented yet, but since all the transactions occur on the blockchain, it will be easy to fetch all the points when I implement it

Very cool feature, user-friendly. Thanks a lot.

That's great!

Great Addition

Hey @steem-plus
Thanks for contributing on Utopian.
We’re already looking forward to your next contribution!

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  ·  4년 전

love this app, but where do I see my points?


This won't be out before September, but since all the transactions are written in the blockchain, I will be able to find and count the previous points =)

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Hello @Stoodkev,
Can I send steemplus + url in memeo instead of using boost button.
Can I also add other's user post in memo.


Yes it will work the same, as long as you use steemplus followed by the url.


Thanks for your reply.