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2018-02-04 OPEN SOURCE CONTRIBUTORS Who REPLIES TO @steemitstats

1@amriadits42Thank You @steemitstartsLogo Task Request DTubeDaily
2@yessine36Keep up your great job broGucci gang
3@aymenz63Thank you broAngularJs #01 Installation of Module , Create and Use Controller , Use Directive ' ng-model ' ( Tutorial )
4@chocolatoso37thanks @steemitstats.Steem FOSSbot, instalacion en localhost version 0.3.0 (intermedio)
5@scottadskin40@steemitstats ,thanks my brother...!!! continue to support me and thank you for visiting my blog.changing the musicQ music player design.
6@mbj42thank you bro .. I believe that one day ... they will hear us ..PROMOTING THE GOSPEL OF STEEMIT( STEEMIT CAMPUS MEETUPS)
7@arie.steem65please dont comment in my post if about you can support me ... not necessary to comment.How To Use Open Visual Traceroute - Part 1 ( Traceroute )
8@bosun42ThanksSteemit drawing 3# the beautiful woman
9@mohdhaekal52Thank youadd autoplay feature in float tube app
10@thornaci54ThanksSteem Tracker Post History Added
11@rezamusic53Thank you for Supports @steemitstasAdd Sports Mode On The Flipside Camera Application
12@udohgideon44Much appreciated, thank you!Addition of feature to indicate which SIM to use in sending messages on the SMSdroid app.
13@pakwarazik199043Thanks @steemitstatsOdyssey music player.
14@naufal37Thank youLogo Design Task Request for dtubedaily
15@jaysonbutalon34### Thank you...Feature Request on XWeather - OSS Weather App by Colby Williams - OPEN SOURCE
16@omeratagun63Hey thanks @steemitstats. I enjoyed while i work on this.Steem Challenger - Beneficaries calculator - Exchange prices on fiat's and coins
17@asrizal30thank you, I hope we can cooperate in the futureProtektahan ang Mga Mamumuhunan, Pilipinas ay gumagawa ng Mga Panuntunan ng Bitcoin
18@tolgahanuzun52Thank you for thatNew activity data coming in late - steem.rock
19@tiotioahmad26@steemitstats thanks friend..AKU KAMU DAN HUJAN
20@kr-nahid50thanks @steemitstatsNew facebook frame for UTOPIAN-IO.
21@worthprice54thank you @steemitstatsTelegram - Secure, Fast, and Powerful Messaging App
22@adnanrabbani59Thanks for stopping by.Suggestion to Add download option of youtube playlist and channel in Savefrom.net
23@patricjames58Thanks @steemitstats for the support[TASK REQUEST]Steemit Is Fun Proposed Icon
24@paskoloo42Thanks for The supportSuggestion to Add attachment feature to swiftnote
25@mychidera-eu45Thank youLOG OUT ON STEEMAUTO
26@edetebenezer53Thanks, @steemitstatsJava Tutorials: StringBuilder Class Methods (length(), reverse(), setLength(), setCharAt(index), subString(), replace())
27@edetebenezer53Thanks, @steemitstatsUnderstanding StringBuilder Class Methods [append(), capacity(), charAt(), delete(), deleteCharAt()] in Java using Eclipse IDE
28@andimywapblog1236Hehe thank you :) if anything goes wrong, in my understanding yes, I just learned. heheTranslations Electron Into Indonesian Language (1109 Words)
29@ggabogarcia50@steemitstats Thank you so much for your support :)New proposal Logotype and Icon to -Emerald Launcher-
30@asrizal30thank you for dropping in my blog, hopefully the information here becomes an interesting reading for youNavegación más rápida y inteligente con el navegador UC 12.0
31@richardbmx54Thank you very muchLogo proposal for Signal
32@esthefany25thanks for your voteTranslation of Wallet Android English to Spanish, Venezuela - 736 words
33@suhendi41Thank you so much...Find the Error Occur When Using Application eSteem Some while Ago -- System Error On Application of eSteem
34@leizel44Thank you @steemitstats(Feature request) Add a Pen or Brush Picker in PxerStudio by BennyKok-Open Source

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