SteemHunt - Disable Upvote and Resteem button after seven days

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This suggestion is about the voting of posts/comments on Steemhunt, so for every Upvote Button and about the resteeming of posts on Steemhunt, so every Resteem Button.


An upvote is only worth something if it takes place in the first 6.5 days.
After 6.5 days you can still upvote a post, but without any effect. That's why I suggest disabling the Upvote button after seven days on As you cannot vote on a post after seven days a resteem would be useless. So I also propose to disable the resteem button after seven days.

Mockups / Examples

As an example I take this post from @nieloagranca. It is actually eight days old so by far over the payout. On the first picture I show the current situation, if you swipe to the right on the picture you can see a possible solution aufter implementation.

scroll to the right on the picture to see a possible version after implementation


Especially newcomers are confused by the still existing possibility to vote, because after a short research on the result come that this would bring nothing more. Without offering an advantage, the vote buttons lead to confusion among users.
Also the resteem button does not create any value after seven days.

The changes would make Steemhunt look easier because the function of voting is fully visible.

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thank you for the contribution.

you already suggested this idea to steemit ,you can't suggest the same idea to other projects because it's considered a kind of abuse / cheating .

( Having users suggesting same feature across similar project is no longer considered as a valid contribution. )

i think you can do better than this and give high quality contribution that deserve to be rewarded . and don't forget that we have a discord server where you can chat with us and other utopian contributors , you can also ask for help if you didn't understand anything or you need opinions or maybe you found someone abusing utopian on you want to report him you can do all this and more , on our discord server , you can find it below .

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The one to Steemit was ver similar this is true. But I added the part about the resteem button. I thought it would work because it is for a another frontend and a bit different content. Thanks for the clarification.