Steemit Condenser - Grey out vote buttons after seven days

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This suggestion is about the voting of posts/comments on Steemit, so for every Upvote- and Downvote-Button.


An upvote is only worth something if it takes place in the first 6.5 days. With a downvote, you have seven days to make it work.
After seven days you can still vote on a post, but without effect. That's why I suggest graying out the Upvote and Downvote buttons after seven days on

Mockups / Examples

My suggestion would be to colour the buttons grey. Here is the example of the Upvote button. I took the mail preview of this Post from @rivalzzz and incorporated the corresponding change.
The first picture shows the current situation. If you scroll to the right, a new image appears, where this button is grayed out.

scroll to the right on the picture to see a possible version after implementation


Especially newcomers are confused by the still existing possibility to vote, because after a short research on the result come that this would bring nothing more.
Without offering an advantage, the vote buttons lead to confusion among users. Just as with the Resteem button, which also disappears after seven days, it would be advantageous if the Vote buttons are greyed out, or if you go on it would also disappear.

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Please also take a moment to read this post regarding bad behavior on Steemit.

Thank you for contributing through utopian.

Someone already suggested some features that can fix this issue , you can find those suggestions here and here

Other than this and as a new user who just started contributing here in utopian , i think you will do great on your next contribution , just don't forget to make some research before submitting an idea and if you need help or anything we have a discord channel where you can chat with us and with other users , you can find the discord channel below

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I am sorry, I must have overseen them.
The intention was not to just make this suggestion again. Will research even more in the future to make sure that this won't happen again.