Task Request: Kindly Add A Rule To The Existing Algorithm For Suggest "Interesting Uloggers" On Ulogs.org

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Ulogs.org blockchain-based social network where everyone can  create ULOGS, become "true celebrity" (ULOGGERS), have a community of   "true fans" and earn a variety of rewards and the currency called   "steem". 
It is a fork of busy.org as well. Thus, being familiar with the busy.org helps. 


Today's task will involve adding a rule to an existing algorithm in the code. 

We added an algorithm to ulogs.org that suggests Uloggers to follow i.e "Interesting Uloggers" or "Discover", based solely on the steem accounts followed by @uloggers

See screenshots:

We want to have like a "greylist" that works manually, which will indicate our list of certified & verified Uloggers. 
This greylist is indicated by "The Followed" of the @uloggers account.

The code for this already exists but it is not yet "dynamic". I think the original developer who added this algorithm forgot to add the feature or rule, that will allow this list to update, along with https://ulogs.org/@uloggers/followed or https://steemit.com/@uloggers/followed

We would like you to add the rule to make it dynamic. i.e interesting Uloggers or "Discover" should also update along with the https://steemit.com/@uloggers/followed (list)

The second aspect of the task is to add a "verified" icon to side of each user-profile that is followed by the @uloggers account.

See screenshot:

Now, the new icon is an indication that the Ulogger-profile is a now a "Certified Ulogger". To express this further, the icon should display the words "Certified Ulogger", when the cursor is hovered or placed on it as seen in the screenshot below:

The icon:

I am not sure if this latter part of the task is possible without a database. Thus, we can discuss this when we have a conversation.


The first part of the task may be easy to pull off as the code containing the said algorithm already exists. You simply need to locate this aspect of the code and add a rule that allows this algorithm to be "dynamic", i.e update according to "The Followed" of the @uloggers account.

The latter part of the task should be easy, if it is possible at all. The code has a "style-guide" present for "icons" beside user-profile and corresponding "hover" text as is the case with the reputation score icon etc beside user-profiles. It may be easy to replicate these details.

If you are a veteran coder and especially, versed with React JS and the busy.org framework, you can certainly carry out your own build.  

If you aren't very versed with coding and you want to attempt the task, we can always discuss possible solutions, logic etc We just may find answers.

Overall, carry out the task according to your preference and expertise, submitting a pull request and thereafter a post following Utopian's guidelines for Development (contributions).   


2 days  


You can contact me on:     

You can also indicate interest by leaving a comment  underneath this post or on Github. It is recommended that we are able to discuss, for a better understanding of the task.



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Thanks for the task request, @surpassinggoogle! It seems like a relatively easy task, so I think you shouldn't have much trouble finding someone capable of completing it.

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oh, that's great. it's like our articles, our ulogs rather, has an official seal 😊. i want to become a certified and verified ulogger. gotta resume making one a day

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

so how do we get that ulogger icon? Guess we have to wait till we are certified? Cool idea


It isnt implement yet but it is shaping up. You are certainly there. Soon you will have your own forte of ulog-based community to oversea. Something like here https://ulogs.org/created/ulography

These things take some time to implement. but you are certainly there. You can also create a ulog-subtag.
Explore ulogs.org you will see changes. There is new tab with information

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

Wow, @surpassinggoogle, cant stop admiring your passion for development..
Nice work...wished i understand coding would love to be a part of the journey, but still on still will talk to a psycho friend of mine... Smiling here, who knows coding....

on the other end i have challenges posting on ulogs.org,i was unable to upload a picture and add more text.

telling me maximum of 15mb exceeded which i dont understand..
Sir please into thanks

i miss your chat


really? if you can capture it. you can show me. in general though with the steem blockchain, content can be more than a blocksize and not go through but I dont know if that is the case here. try small sized photos. if you have many drafts on ulogs.org, delete some. there are some open contests in this post, participate.

@surpassinggoogle, For sure great to hear about this new Algorithm and in my opinion, whenever we see the changes in algorithm for sure the browsing experience get enhanced.

And yes, finding Interesting Uloggers is one more effective update and in my opinion Steemians can engage with amazing uloggers for sure.

And yes, Developing is not easy job as many think that if we have expertise then it's easy, but in my opinion developers put their day and night to come up with an aspect which holds the usability.

So hope and wish that these Algorithms will going to help in enhancing the browsing experience, and also it will going to develop the ULOG platform to more upward extents.

"Brother @surpassinggoogle, an thought came in my mind to expand my ULOG-QUOTES SERIES, and that is, i want to push this Ulog Quotes towards the video form. What you say about this thought?"

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


not bad at all. ulogging is about mining the human; attempting out-of-the-boxness; freshness


Thank you so much for the encouragement brother. Stay blessed. 🙂

hello surpassinggoogle you can count me in.


you are a coder?

This is a great news my bros, its nice to see a development like this. It means a great development to ulogers. Thank you for the good work, keep it up.

Good actions give strength to ourselves and inspire good actions in others @surpassinggoogle, job well done

Gran trabajo @surpassinggoogle al ponernos al dia con estas nuevas herramientas para ser unos @uloggers famosos en ulogs.org. Saludos y buenas noches

Ulog have been great and exciting so far...

#more strength to carry out more nice concept

Hello Terry, I submitted a PR as a partial fix for this task.


Its awesome terry boy we need this badly take care of your health too.


Its awesome terry
Boy we need this badly take
Care of your health too.

                 - saikr

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Cant wait now love your love and support sir towards the community.


Cant wait now love your
Love and support sir towards
The community.

                 - christian.danny

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

good blog I want to learn a lot from you. thanks.

Wow! Very interesting!

I am glad that you are continually improving #ulog.org @surpassinggoogle and this means that we have a lot of good option to use the steem blockchain.
I would like to see some added features soon like private messaging like that of facebook plus maybe animated emojis and memes and gifs.

thanks for new information!

Very good job my best friend .and very beautiful information . I like it your great full post. thanks for sharing your beautiful life.

Thanks for making my world so beautiful with ulogs sir.