Launching #WeAreOne  --  Curie, Sndbox, Travelfeed, and More On 1Ramp [Web + Android]

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1Ramp is Available on Google Play and Web.

1. Launching WeAreOne 🎉

#WeAreOne is our initiative to give all creative communities on Steem a dedicated space across 1Ramp platform (Android and Web). We believe that this will make content more discoverable and will allow people to connect with more creators.

Till now, the content discovery is done by many curators through Steemit and other Steem frontends. They leverage the hashtags to filter the content and form a close community on Discord channels. Many projects and communities on Steem are built around this and they did a great job in boosting the overall content quality. But they always faced two limitations in doing that --

1.1. Content Discovery / Human Limitation

Everything works just fine except the content discovery is not easy for the moderators and creators as well. It also creates a dominance for the communities that are bigger and leaves little room to grow for the newer and smaller ones. We felt a need of curating and listing all these communities at one place for easier content discovery within and outside communities. That's the core idea of WeAreOne initiative.

1.2. Community Formation / Technical Limitation

The Discord channels are great to run closed communities, but the lack of presence and information about the members limits the growth and reach. A public repository of all Steen communities will also boost overall credibility, discovery, and will encourage more people to explore the relevant content. We also felt that the details for a particular community such as description, moderators, and guidelines to participate should be easily accessible. Through the 1Ramp platform, you can now join communities and it will appear on your profiles too. This feature will mature by the next update and we are building more tools to enable community formation and collaboration.

What does this feature bring?

Community 1.0 (Current Release)

  • It will enable users to experience a community in full spectrum, explore posts under New, Hot and Trending category.
  • If users join a community, it will appear on their 1Ramp profile.
  • Users will be able to create a post directly in a community.

Community 1.1

  • We are creating a competition fund. We will add the entire ‘10% benefactor reward’ that we get to that fund. Community managers can use that fund to run contests.
  • Based on the preferences, community managers will be notified when users join a community. If they are new on Steem the community can support them.
  • Access to community managers to reach members through Notification, Email, Noticeboard etc.

Community 2.0

  • Users will be able to see stats such as number of posts (last 30 days), total payout (last 30 days), members, top contributors, community managers etc.
  • Users will be able to create and manage a community directly and manage it with the tools we provide.

** How do communities qualify to get listed on the 1Ramp platform?**

1Ramp is for people who are interested in Art, Dance, Design, Fashion, Film, Literature, Music, Photography, and Travel. The #tags that communities and individuals started on Steem which belongs to any of these categories can be accepted to list on 1Ramp. We've no process to keep anyone out. We all are aiming for the same thing, to help the best content stand out by discovery and reward those who add value.

If you are interested in #WeAreOne and want to get your #tag or community listed on 1Ramp, fill up this google form, it'll only take 60 seconds.

If you have doubts or want to learn more about it, join our Discord or write us at

2. Updates on 1Ramp Android 📲

We placed the communities from Steem right at the top in the explore and feed page. With the WeAreOne update, we are trying to facilitate community formation and content discovery in the most intuitive way possible.

2.1. Discover and join communities


As shown in the gif above, all the communities on 1Ramp are accessible from the 'Explore' and 'Feed' section in the home page. If someone is interested in a particular community, they can join them. By design, we kept them right below the interests selected by users for better user experience and with a thought that the best of content from the steem blockchain is just a click away.

2.2. Better discoverability of content


When you open a particular community, it'll take you to a tabbed view from where you can learn more about the communities and in another tab explore the content posted in them. You can explore the content by filtering the Hot, Trending, and New.

2.3. Building profile through your communities


We've seen that creators do a lot of things to stand out on Steem. The basic identity parameters, for now, are bio, profile picture, cover, link to your website, and the content you share. On 1Ramp we are adding another layer to that. The communities you join will be visible on your profile. These communities are like badges which convey that you know about the steem ecosystem, you support these communities (by showing on your profile), and you want others to know about them. We really liked it when these communities appeared on our 1Ramp profiles and we hope everyone will enjoy this new aesthetic improvement.

3. Updates on 1Ramp Web 💻

We haven't yet announced the 1Ramp's web-app officially. Development is going at a good pace and it is catching up with our Android application. Once we achieve a unified experience across the 1Ramp platform, we'll make the announcement. In case you encounter bugs on 1Ramp web-app, do let us know in the Discord, email, or on GitHub.

The WeAreOne update is available on the 1Ramp web-app:

3.1. Communities on the stage


We made the web-app public by default. The home page directly takes you to the explore page and on the left side you'll find the communities. For now, that's where all the upcoming communities will be listed. As we move forward, we'll introduce even more scalable structure to discover communities, explore content, and communicate with the members.

3.2. Better content discovery for all


Clicking on any of the community will take you to the content posted under their #tags. You can explore it and use the filters -- Hot, Trending, and New.

4. WeAreOne | 1st Communities Listing

4.1. Curie

Discovering high quality posts, blogs, and authors on the Steem blockchain. The @curie Team started with: Tom (@donkeypong), The Alien (@the-alien), @liberosist, Etherpunk (@kevinwong), Anwen Baumeister (@anwenbaumeister), @infovore, @gavvet, @steemship, plus contributors including Cryptogee (@cryptogee), Andrew Levine (@andrarchy), @piedpiper, @nanzo-scoop, rok Sivante (@rok-sivante) and others.

For more information, visit or Curie Steem Center

4.2. Sndbox

Make, educate, experiment + empower. A project dedicated towards bringing STEEM to the professional practice of creatives. @sndbox Team: @hansikhouse and @voronoi.

For more information, visit or join their Discord

4.3. TravelFeed

If you are a travel blogger, digital nomad or just passionate about traveling and having a hard time breaking through on Steemit, then we are here to help. @travelfeed is a project by @jpphotography, @rimicane, @adonisabril, and @for91days.

For more information, read their introduction post here.

4.4. PhotoFeed

Photofeed is behind the popular "Daily PhotoFeed Roundup". Tag #photofeed for a chance to be featured.

@photofeed is run by @cryptoctopus, @jrue, @aweber, @derekkind and @yumyumseth.

4.5. EcoTrain

Supporting Eco Building, Sustainability, and Supporting People Who Help Make The World A Better Place.

Eco-train is managed by @eco-alex.

4.6. Photomag

A Steemit based photo magazine. Run by @markangeltrueman.

For more information, read their introduction post here.

5. What's Next? 🎁

Communities on Steem are not limited to #tags and posts. There are real passionate teams of community managers, moderators, curators, delegators, and creators behind them. In the next update, we'll come up with improved representation of communities.

5.1. Help us discover more communities and popular hashtags on Steem

Get your community listed

Fill up the above google form and we'll reach out to you to get your community on 1Ramp.

The Internet is noisy and exceptional content is hard to discover. Various community managers and curators on Steem have already taken the hard and ambitious work of discovering and rewarding creators. And we are here to help them by organizing it. More than organizing, 1Ramp is focused on creating tools and features for people to share the creative work they produce in a better way.

If your community (or a specific #tag) belongs to any of the 1Ramp's domains (Art, Dance, Design, Fashion, Film, Literature, Music, Photography, and Travel), you can get it listed on 1Ramp and use this platform as your own, and get the content created by your community featured across all 1Ramp platforms.

In this SteemFest, @vikonomics (Founder of specifically talked about community building through inherent tools on the Steem Dapps. The response and feedback we got from everyone enabled us to launch this new update so early. This is the first update for the WeAreOne initiative, there is more to come, so stay tuned and update 1Ramp's Android app.

If you haven't tried 1Ramp yet, download it from Google Play Store or go to

5.2. Participate in two ongoing contests with prizes worth 5 Steem each

Screenshot 2018-12-08 at 2.16.47 AM.png

You can now find all the contest running on 1Ramp at

Series backlink --

  1. Introducing #WeAreOne | A Way To Building Micro-Communities for Creators On Steem --06/11/2018


1Ramp is a Steem Powered Social Media platform for creators. On 1Ramp, you can join communities of your interest out of the available eight: Art, Dance, Design, Fashion, Film, Literature, Photography, and Travel and earn rewards for sharing your work with the community. We are on a mission to bring all creative communities on Steem in one place where people can collaborate, grow, and inspire.
1Ramp is Available on Google Play and Web.

Join the conversation on our Discord or write us at


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Thank you for this amazing initiative you have added to your awesome 1ramp project. Very impressive!

This post is well-written and very informative. I read through the information within, and this update really excites me. Because of the importance and the sense of sameness that the update will bring to existence. It could help for the discovery of relevant contents as pointed out, which would serve as an added advantage for users of the project. I believe this really solve some issues.
Also, it's nice that you have provided another engaging contest for users to take part and earn. So good!
I see a lot of promising updates are still coming in the future. Thank you!

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Thank you for your review, @tykee! Keep up the good work!

Hey @mstafford, get your community listed...


I'll take a look at this tonight...

Wow this is pretty darn epic, curation has been quite a problem and i know communities work hard to help authors get recognised but this is really going to help supercharge their efforts and market their services on the blockchain


Hey @chekohler,

Try out this feature and do let us know your feedback. This is our first release in the WeAreOne series, stay tuned for more updates. Also, recommend us which communities should we list next.



Oh wow, thanks for the invite to try it out, i surely will :)

Glad to see this feature released! Nice work guys :)


Hi @jaff8 Thanks for all your suggestions and valuable feedback. It keeps us going.

We have also given you contest creation access on the 1Ramp App. Go ahead and check out the feature 🙌

Amazing feature 1ramp! Would love to use it.


Thanks for the kind words @shreya26 would love to see you on the App 🙌

Yo, this looks ace! Nice work 👊


Thanks for the kind words @sambillinghan It keeps us going. Would love to see you on the App🙌

WoW ! This app with « communities » and interests looks great ! Good job

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Apart from communities and Interests 1ramp also has a contest creation and management feature. Thanks for the kind words @vlemon. It keeps us going.

This looks really amazing guys, excited to give it a try!


Sure @llfarms we can't wait to see you on the App. Thanks for the kind words. It keeps us going 🙌

Thanks for the great innovations,it will definitely bring us under a great umbrella.Best wishes to all.


Hi, @maya7 We truly believe communities will bring people closer. Thanks a lot for your kind words, It keeps us going 🙌

Wow, the app was so cool, so I can update my activities easily


Hi @fararizky thank you for the kind words. Would love to see you on the App🙌

@firepower, In my opinion this post gave really positive vibes for the day. We know that current phase is very difficult but every effective and positive news and developments will going to add to essence of good. And all these points are really effective and i am sure that #weareone will going to boost the Collaboration and development of Communities because of effective Discoverability. Keep up brother. 👍

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

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I tried to install from Playstore but I'm getting this error

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hey @mtimetraveller please try to download it from the following playstore link :

please let me know if you face any further issues.


Okay, the link worked. 👍

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Okay, the link worked. 👍

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Can I join the best trip contest even if I don't use 1Ramp or I should use 1Ramp to join?

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Hi @artgirl you can participate without logging into 1Ramp , just use the hashtag.

Anyways, if you do not want to use the hashtag you can participate directly from 1Ramp Android App in a single click.

Would love to see your entry 🙌✌️


Alright thanks. Will check the contest details.

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Wow to amazing your selfone Kamal yar

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