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Salutations @themarkymark!

This is definitely a great tool for curators and anti-abuse initiatives. Having tested this myself, it saves time from looking into the blacklists. There are also curators who would find this useful while coming across users' content.

I will let the curious minds ask you about the technical details. From what I understand, this extension uses minimal permission for its operation. Many other extensions tend to be very open when it comes to those permissions.

I know the current iteration supports only blacklists. Do you think you will add whitelists on the display as well? This could help abuse fighters to approach more relevant parties.

Again, thank you for all the contributions against abuse on this platform!

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If I had access to whitelist data I could do it. I have been working on a white list system but data sharing hasn't been very easy.


Thank you for your review, @enforcer48! Keep up the good work!

Works on "Brave-Browser" Version 0.58.18 Chromium: 71.0.3578.98 great.
Thank you for the great work.

What about Firefox extension?


I might port it at some point. I don't use Firefox but I thought it could run Chrome extensions in compatibility mode.

Very cool...but would be nicer if it worked on Firefox and other browsers as well.

Cool. We've been using our own for SteemSTEM curation for the better part of a year now you can get on Chrome and Firefox (name: StemAssistant). Our list is about 200 strong at the moment but it only works on


It works simply as such:

Might be cool to join the lists to reach a wider audience!


Why do single records have either blacklist, whitelist, graylist, or all rather than one record per account?

I can definitely add it to the blacklist, but the format is a bit confusing.


Errr you'd have to ask @codingdefined, I had him 'commissioned' to do it. It works perfectly for what we need but it could be more user-friendly for greater usage - it's mostly just used for our curators currently.

If you'd like me to get in touch with him about it I can do and we can work something out


I can work with it but I think it could be done differently that would make more sense.

blacklisted: [],
whitelisted: [],
graylisted: []

For example. I’m also planning on something that would help a lot.


Yes, that should be the correct format, I can change it if everyone will use it.


Give me a ping if you do.


Sweet, sounds intriguing. I'll be lingering on Discord under this name if I'm ever needed, but otherwise the list is there to be used =)

Pretty cool.

Potential for a list of blacklist admins to add(remove?) accounts to the lists they manage from the extension?


I don't have access to their lists, I only aggregate them. Would require putting in custom code for each of them and their credentials. Many run lists off Google sheets which do not work very well for automation.

So not something I would think that would work out, but I am working on something that might help in that department but isn't released yet.


I humbly suggest you to add info in this plugin about whitelisting too, if it's possible :)
I read your previous comment somewhere upthere saying it is not an easy task, but:

I'm on minnowbuster's blacklist for some reason. (I asked on dedicated discord channel to be removed from list, but I was ignored. Frankly, I do not care much.)

On the other hand, I was honored to be added to @ocdb whitelist because my art was apparently good enough. And you know, you've got to earn this privilege, it can't be bought.
So... that is that. Being on someone's blacklist doesn't determine being an asshole. Not always.
Anyway, good idea, good plugin, Cheers!

This reminds me I need to do the SQL work to compile a SFR list. I'll get back on that. Gotta work on prioritizing with all the shit going on.

In other news, bots busted which I think is either due to issues with Been or Steem RPC API.

Do you have any super secret RPC nodes you can test the get_blog method (Beem Account class) against? I am not sure how to interface with the nodes apart from Beem but need to learn.

Any help appreciated.

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hit me up on Discord later (about to step out but can talk later on both of those points)

That's going to be helpful to efforts like Steem Flag Rewards so we know if people are already blacklisted. Thanks so much for it.

Just need all bots to operate blacklists, but it seems some are not interested.

Update: I just installed and checked it works. The only thing I'd say is that the info should stay on screen a bit longer. I barely had time to read it before it went away.

Let me show you!

From looking at that it seems to be working only when typing a username profile manually.

Not sure what the rest of the clicking around is meant to show.


Was just showing it doesn't trigger or do anything during normal browsing. I wouldn't be able to find a blacklisted user easily without typing one in. Any way you get there does not matter and it works on all the popular front ends.


Works even if clicking on @scobra


Well, it actually works when browsing. At least, when I tested it.

Nice one! Super useful to have a visual warning while browsing the muddy Steem Waters :D Thanks for working on this!

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Wow, that's a really good one. Although I mostly use Partiko, it'll be very helpful when I'm on my laptop.

Thanks sir for the hard work and continuous contribution.

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This will be so helpful!

Nice work. I love this use case. A lot of curators will definitely benefit from this.

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nice work dude... just added and was having fun with it... thanks

awesome idea, so many bad apples on here

Great job! This is the kinda shit that makes changes. :)

Good Useful program

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  ·  3년 전

This is really awesome! Thanks for sharing this and working on it. I think it will be a great tool to help cut down on some of the spam that we see every day.

Hey, @themarkymark!

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