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In our goal is to incentivize stellar contributions to awesome Open Source projects. In an effort to cater to the needs of the development leaders and owners of FOSS projects, some of the contribution categories incentivized by are on-demand only, meaning contributors may only be eligible for reward if an explicit request from the project owners is present, or if the target project is whitelisted.

Today, we are launching a new FREE service aimed at FOSS development leaders and project owners - welcome to the VIPO (Very Important Project Owners) Club. Create a ticket via with the title “VIPO Club” to access free professional services and VIP support!


VIPO Features and Services

Project owners included in this exclusive group will be able to add their projects to the whitelists of categories that require them, and receive professional help and guidance from our Community Managers in creating Task Requests on With these resources, FOSS Project Owners can access the professional services offered by our community (such as graphic design, QA, visibility and copywriting) FOR FREE.

The VIPO Club is a unique initiative both on our blockchain and in the Open Source ecosystem. We hope that by offering this service, we can help connect Project Owners with the contributors they need, and incentivize the efforts made.

Professional QA and Software Testing

As you may know, there are a few paid services out there that offer software companies access to a database of beta testers. Most of these services have an entry fee or recurring payments to maintain the service.

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With, FOSS Project Owners can access a HUGE database of beta testers waiting to help you spot bugs in your software, from critical to minor ones. All, with zero monetary investment from the Project Owner.

Project Promotion and Visibility

One of the major issues FOSS projects face is the lack of resources and manpower to market the product when it is ready for market.

Image credits: allows project owners to employ the power of the crowd and the expertise of seasoned marketers to increase popularity and bring more attention to worthwhile FOSS solutions.

Professionally Crafted Graphic Assets

The creative graphic artists on are waiting to make FOSS projects look better, allowing every Open Source Project Owner access to enterprise-grade talent at zero cost.

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Copywriting and Beyond

Content is still king, and when it comes to professionally written texts and copywriting, Open Source solutions often lack it. With, Project Owners can engage a community of copywriters waiting to improve their content and create more of it.

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How to Join The VIPO Club?

Joining The VIPO Club is free. Simply create a ticket via with the title “VIPO Club”. Tell us a bit about your project, include the GitHub repository link, and detail the types of services you would like to receive for your project so it can be included in the appropriate whitelist or whitelists.

Alternatively, you can create a task request right now using any Steem frontend of your choice. Our team will be happy to guide you on the Discord. To get started now, read the Utopian Contribution Submission Guidelines:


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Continually impressed by the ideas and actions of the Utopian team. Another fantastic initiative. 🚀


Hi Sam, it makes us happy hearing such kind words. Utopian has been supporting open source projects and we want people to know that they can join our community and meet new people. They don't need to do all the work only by themselves. Let's build the projects together with Utopian.


I couldn't phrase it any better. Upvote for visibility!

This sounds like an amazing idea so I'll be sure to apply. Graphics are certainly an area I'd turn to the community for based on the contributions I've seen.


Don't hesitate to send the request via our ticketing system and we will see it for sure.

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MS buying github ?

what will this mean for utopian ??

... wow


We always wanted to expand our support to other platforms on top of Github. The fact that MS bought Github does not change much our plans other than incentivising us in expanding that support even earlier :)

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It's an excellent article @ utopian-io!
I congratulate you, thank you for sharing!

Hi, thank you for contributing to Steemit! I upvoted and followed you; follow back and we can help each other succeed :)