Major Update - Wallet, Contribution Quality Scoring and More

3년 전

The latest update to, released today, implements new functionalities for contributors and moderators, as well as fixes for known issues.

Updates in this announcement may take a while before being propagated and available for everyone.

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Utopian Wallet (from

With this update, you will no longer need to use or to manage your Steem wallet. You can now safely perform basic transations and operations in your wallet directly through

Since was originally forked from, all we needed to do was just extract the amazing wallet from and implemented it in

Contibution Quality Scoring Questionnaire

To improve contribution approval processes and reward contributors fairly, we've implemented a contribution quality scoring questionnaire for Moderators to rate contributions reviewed by them. Using the questionnaire, Moderators can easily rate and score each contribution based on different criteria according to the category of the contribution.

Moderators may also award a manual addition of up to 20% of the total score calculation at their discretion. Supervisors may review a questionnaire already filled out by a moderator and make changes to the scores entered at their discretion.

In the near future, the questionnaire score will be implemented as a metric for calculating the voting weight of the Utopian bot.

Moderation Cross Editing

To solve the most common error in contribution submission, Moderators can now change the contribution category, repository and tags on behalf of the contributor.

FAQ now offers a dedicated section for FAQs to answer the most common questions about and the STEEM blockchain.

The FAQs can now also be accessed non-registered users on the website directly from the Utopian Feed.

Profile Filters

Contributions displayed on a user profile can now be filtered based on their status. Contributions can be browsed by Reviewed, Rejected and Pending.

Moderator Profile Filters

Utopian user profiles designated as Moderator users will now show contributions reviewed by the moderator, and filter them by date and status.

Increased Moderation Rewards

As discussed and agreed jointly with the community, Moderation Rewards have been increased with a max cap of 150 SBD per week. Points for reviewing categories have also been updated as follows:

  • Suggestions: 0.75
  • Development: 2
  • Translations: 1.25
  • Graphics: 1
  • Documentation: 0.75
  • Copywriting: 0.75
  • Tutorials: 1
  • Analysis: 1.25
  • Social: 1
  • Blog: 0.75
  • Video Tutorials: 1.25
  • Bug Hunting: 1.00
  • Tasks: 0.50

Other Changes

  • Development category contributions can now only be submitted if the user account is synced with Github.
  • Users will be notified on-screen when recirected to SteemConnect.
  • Banned users will be shown an informative page detailing reason and duration of the ban.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that was showing the wrong synced Github account.
  • Fixed a bug that was pushing to Github the same issue multiple times.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing hundreds of unnecessary requests to start.

More bugs may be still be there to be spotted! Please help us discover them and publish your contributions on to get rewarded for your efforts.

Utopian Community-Driven Witness

We are made of developers, system administrators, entrepreneurs, artists, content creators, thinkers. We embrace every nationality, mindset and belief. is the first Community-Driven Witness. Every decision will be taken as per the consensus of the entire community using our public Discord server and soon via a public voting system.


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Seriously? You flagged @Utopian-io?



I get where you're coming from but don't you have more relevant fish to fry?

Thank you for the update and Thank you for making this world a little bit better :)


Thanks for your constant support!

That was not easy ... it’s amazing 😉
I always wondered about the the must-connect to gethub ... finally you did it ... go growing .. from top to top ... all support and respect ✊



Yes and many more bug fixes and new features will be there soon!


From Good to better the best 👍🏼


To be honest, i think that we can witness here the amazing update, I would really like to thank you for that! I use utopian at it seems even smoothier plus the great thing is that you have implemented profile filters. That was a good idea at least for me: helps me really bad ;)

Bit the most amazing thing i guess is that we can simply use our wallet in the same way as we would on the website.
Great improvement from your side, if the things will continue like that, then I predict great future on the path of

Keep up the good work guys. We really wish to see you all improve the platform even further!


Thanks! Working hard to come up with the most useful functionalities for mods and contributors!

Just checked out your website! Looks awesome! I have a much better understanding of what you’re offering. Looks interesting! Thanks for the post!

What a great changes! Can't wait to be a moderator :)

I have a question - "Contibution Quality Scoring Questionnaire"

How do you actually determine the value of the upvote based on the answers?
If a post gets 100% quality, will the upvote be way higher than it was until now?
and you misspelled and wrote "reate"


Hey thanks for spotting the typo. Vote will be based on the score. There will be a min cap and max cap based on categories. If you score 100% you will get the max cap of the category where you have contributed to.

I wrote 2 contirbution but none of them approved.
I think i have to research more on utopian


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Hey I am sorry to hear that. Did you check and


Yeah i checked and i did some mistake and working on them


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Amazing update, especially the quality questionnaire thing. I really hope it will increase the average contribution quality.


Thanks. We are on that mission!

Great concept, will definately have a closer look at it in the coming days. Keep up the good work, and see you soon on Discord :)

Filtering the quality was a great idea! Thank you @utopian-io!

My question is that will this wallet will keep our passwords secured?
Security is our first priority at steemit.


Sure. Critical operations like transactions always require your authorisation through steem connect!

Wow, i think this is amazing update. Atleast, this is an advantage for contributors.
Thanks to elear and all other mods.

wow.. likes new features "Contibution Quality Scoring Questionnaire". because the most important thing is quality.

  ·  3년 전

This was really important for graphic cathegory . Finally we got !

Go away from Steem for a few months and bam, there are some awesome new applications being completed!


The beauty of the STEEM blockchain!

Perfect. Moderator cross editing will save time, rather than pending.

I was learning about Utopian and suddenly I stumbled upon this post.
Just on time, it looks great.


Nice! Join us

Utopian makes the change! Thanks!

  ·  3년 전

I don't know whose idea to filter contributions as "Reviewed, Rejected and Pending." but thanks it will definately help. :thumbsup:
Great updates..


Thanks! Was requested by supervisors a while ago and we have finally implemented it!

to the moon @utopian to the moon

I don't understand english. But I'm cheering for you. I live in myanmar. I need help.I study. I'll try my best.
In my country many people are using a beginner and myanmar. Please you vote. Thank you brother.

Wond update....thnx for sharing

This is amazing!!!! What a great changes, this improoves a lot the website, thanks!!!

Finally, this is so amazing, you always are growing for the better, you got my most and sincere respect, you have my vote. Thanks!

Like this quality contribution!

It is amazing , @utopian-io. I hope your works will make this social media bigger and bigger and bigger. Thank you

Utopian project very good for steemit,,
I like it and i like this lost,,

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Good news friend
Good project from you

Your photos are very interesting.
please vote my post @fikarfitim99


Yea. I agree with you.

If i have a chance, i want to participate. Solving problems is so exciting. Goodluck and Godbless.

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Your posts Keep working well! I always read your nice content in Steemit! :)

The great change, look forward to more wonderful.


Yes. We all want to this.



This is very informative one. Thank you so much.

nice post thanks for sharing our same ...

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Great Efforts. New rules are Perfect and meet the Quality of Utopian-io

Since the new update plateform is alot more stabble and doesnt freeze or slow down. Thanks for your veiw and blog.
Very well set out. I LOVE IT

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Nice post brother.


nice post @utopian-io

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wow. a great upgrade indeed ^_^

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Amazing post.. it can actually help the steemians.. thank you for posting this article..

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Thats a great improvement thanks for info

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really amazing @utopian-io, hopefully I can be helped with it. this is my new experience about app thanks 👍

really amazing @utopian-io, hopefully I can be helped with it. this is my new experience about this app

Your post so good, I like it @utopian-io

Good post!!! If you want some time get translate your blog we can talk

Since the new update plateform is alot more stabble and doesnt freeze or slow down. Thanks for your veiw and blog.
Very well set out. I LOVE IT
images (19).jpeg

Yeyyy!! Waiting it to be released soon! :)

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Basically Utopians is for Programmers...Tried to use it but very confusing; maybe a more user friendly to none techy folks would be a fantastic approach...

This is lovely. Keep it up

wow...its really useful post

So you're just trying to make the problem of elitism even Worse than you already have? Lovely. Thxguys (not really.)

This is very good, hope to see more and more updates in the future here.

i loved this new features @elear

Terimakasih @utopian-io atas postingannya yang sangat membantu kami sebagai pemula di steemit ini


this is good news for me. the second round of my suggestions failed to identify the correct repositories. thank you so much

Hello, such, very good content, you have a new follower, I hope you can visit my blog soon, maybe you can enjoy something, regards.

thanks for that valuable information and the update

hmm I wonder still is this real or not but after reading your post it definitely clear things a little bit, bit yet not clear enough but enough to understand that it does make the world a little bit better

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you are very generous @utopian I am very grateful to you who have worked hard and your friends too, because with this application I am very happy.

Thank for your info.!
Please Follow Me..

Hi @utopian-io, help me !! I not have to login,, how to the solutions.
Thanks @utopian-io

Thar's amazing!! All of these updates at once. All of these moderators updates made me think of being one for a second, I probably won't be able to. (terrible time managment skills)

Interestin this......

This is pretty awesome!

its amazing bro , nice to see your post . i hope it can motivated me

Thank you for the update and thank you for making this world a little more comfortable :)

Guys you have a faulty link in the "Utopian Wallet (from" section. Second paragraph, link has protocol declared twice: https://hptts//

Thank you for the update and thank you for making this world alittle bit better

Thanks for the work you have done . This information was useful .

This looks amazing!!

The updates made also make for a far better platform, thanks for the update

Great updates. Liked new profile filtering features.

  ·  3년 전

WOW ,thanks for update and information :D

Quoting directly from your write up
"With this update, you will no longer need to use or to manage your Steem wallet. You can now safely perform basic transations and operations in your wallet directly through"
My Question: operating our wallet through will our wallet password be controlled by utopian-io? That's I mean will our wallet be secured?

Thanks for the update keep up the good work 👏

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Good posting

That was difficult. I have an inquiry - "Contibution Quality Scoring Questionnaire"
How would you really decide the estimation of the upvote in light of the appropriate responses.. I think I need to look into additional on idealistic

How can I earn a good amount from this platform.suggest me sir.

Hi, I'm new to this but let me tell you that you are doing a good job congratulations.

Thank you for sharing the info! I'm signed up, and ready to go!🤘

This is fantastic!!

Good post and he is interessing

Hello my friend @elear. Do you want to translate your article into Arabic?

nice update dev

Always forward!

You guys are making a lot of sense.. Great work to you all.

Thank you for posting you because your post is very useful for us all

Cool update.. Utopian wallet is coming with a lot of changes.. I love this.

Great up-dates! Thank for sharing! Up-voted, Resteemed and Lovin It \o/ Follow Us And Share The abundance! @utopian-io

Amazing updates Utopian; have resteemed this post so my followers can see it. I hope to grow on Steemit to the point where I can delegate steem power to you guys someday.

Thankyou so much for sharing this.
Iam From Indonesia, I dont know how to post for utopian, now i need a guuder. I'll learn on it.

Interesting proposal, how can you get more information about its use?

I've always heard of @utopian-io from friends and older Steemians but I have never really understood the concept very well enough.

Could I be pointed to available resources here on Steemit where I can learn more about it and share with other people too...

Thanks for the very amazing work you do over there with the team.

Gracias por sus orientaciones en bien de todos para que seamos unos mejores Steemianos, estoy siempre pendiente de sus consejos,saludos @pedrolavado

Release the Kraken! You got a 17.76% upvote from @seakraken courtesy of @devfund!

Thanks for the information

Thank you for your support. You have my vote. :)

Thank's a lot for the update and Thank's for try to make this world better 😊

  ·  3년 전

Thanks for your constant support!

Help me in my blog, I hope your support and your votes

Nice write up

Thank you so much for the organisation I have borrowed a leaf

Thank you for the update

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thanks for the update, hopefully what you have done to make more benefits for people in the world

Thank you for the information friend

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@elear sorry this picture offended you. Just trying to show support. I have a commit in this release too.

I guess it wasnt good enough for you, not well thought out enough for you ...


@elear maybe I'm overreacting. Was surprised, anyways keep up the good work.

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