# People of Utopian #7 - @techslut

2년 전

The pinkest creature on the blockchain, @techslut is our Chief Marketing Officer, lives and breathes Utopian.io and defines herself as a geeky pink polyamorous polyglot and social justice rogue. Meet the pink lady that seems to be everywhere.


On Github: https://github.com/techslut

Who are you, @techslut?

I am a content writer in Israel with pink hair and too many years of experience as a technology journalist, marketer, advertiser and copywriter. When I am not plotting the future of open source economy with Utopian.io as a world-known brand, I watch science fiction shows, read technology related news, and spend time with my significant others. Yes, others. There is more than one. I live an open source kind of life.

In the past I practiced martial arts including Muai Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, cooked delicious dishes and liked long walks. This all took a back seat when I became ill with fibromyalgia, an unpleasant chronic pain condition that forces me to work from home (rather than an office) and causes me to be sleepy and grumpy half the time. People say the other half is worth tolerating the sleepy and grumpy me.

Writing is my life. I’ve always written and will continue to write as long as I can put letters on paper / screen. I’ve worked as a technology journalist, blogged from the age of dial-up internet, and even had a few poems of mine published locally. Being as pink and as active I am on social media, I am considered a very minor local Facebook celebrity in some circles.

Drawing by @jillustrations

What brought you to the Steem blockchain, and how did that path lead to Utopian.io?

In late 2016 I visited a friend of mine in Israel (@simba) who very excitedly told me of a blogging platform where he made money just posting photographs. I was intrigued. I joined, made a few posts and some STEEM, but life got in the way and I abandoned my steemit blog, promising myself I would return to monetize the writing process of my novel.

When cryptocurrency became “hot” again in 2017, I returned to Steemit, as I said I would, and began to publish my novel with the help of the kind editors on @theisleofwrite. Payouts were nice, and I was getting involved with initiatives (and getting in trouble with some bernies) when I saw a post by @elear about an inspiring new initiative on the blockchain aimed at rewarding voluntary contributions to open source projects. My reaction? I delegated half of my then SP to @utopian-io.

Pretty soon, Utopian.io didn’t quite need my little delegation as it became one of the most successful initiatives to pop up on Steem with a truly revolutionary vision. So I looked for other ways to help and found myself bugging @elear daily and calling myself his human Siri in an attempt to try and get involved. It eventually worked.

What is your role in Utopian.io and what do you actually do?

I wear two hats in Utopian - that of the Visibility category manager and that of the chief marketer. While I postpone my investment in my category until Utopian can once again offer a more “marketer friendly” interface, I focus on community activities, PR and marketing efforts to make Utopian.io a familiar name on the lips of the global open source community.

Among others, I write, edit or proof the majority of the content published on Utopian.io Steemit blogs (@utopian.edu and @utopian-io), report the news (and make things funny) on the Utopian.io Open Source Radio Show on MSP Waves, and chat to many project owners looking for advice and consultation on how to best draw contributors and users to their projects.

Drawing by @beekart

What other steem communities / initiatives are you part of?

I tend to make connections wherever I go, so I have friends at @buildteam, I founded the Israeli Steemit community, contributed some to various initiatives here and there, and I try to help out wherever I can whenever I have the time. I believe this blockchain is home to many amazing people and communities, and it has the potential to host many more. Whatever I can do to promote that - I do.

Being a marketer and author, how do you feel you contribute to Utopian.io and open source?

Open source needs more marketers. If you look around the FOSS ecosystem, it is full of developers and technologists, while marketers and content creators shy away from this often elitist group. I do not shy away. It’s not my style. And the ecosystem needs me.

In a blog series I started writing (and promise to continue), I discussed the importance of content and marketing for open source projects. In short: you can’t get collaborators or users for your project if you don’t go out and tell people it exists.

My years of experience marketing mobile apps and promoting content for major brands and companies in the technological industries have given me a unique insight into the relationship between technology, people and money. I hope this knowledge and experience can be of use to Utopian.io and to projects on Utopian.io as well.

How do you see the future of Utopian? What would you want it to be, and where would you like to see yourself in it?

From the very first moment, I knew Utopian.io had the potential to be a stellar success. It’s why I quit my other jobs and decided to focus on it 100%. The future I see is bright. I believe Utopian.io will continue to grow at an exponential rate now that the teams and workflows are better organized that before. I am really looking forward to seeing the new frontend in action and reading the feedback from the users of the beta.

I hope to continue in my role as CMO in Utopian.io for a long time. I hope to someday onboard grandchildren to the platform, if I have any. I also hope to see my team of content creators and public relations managers grow, and perhaps include something resembling a “sales” team in the future as well.

Photo by @ingaaa

What is your favorite thing about Utopian?

Undoubtedly the people. May of this year was a trying month for Utopian.io as an organization. We lost everything but the people, really. What we had at the end of the day were the faith of our investors, the skills of our team and the sheer persistence of our mutual vision. We persevered and didn’t miss a beat, coming out even stronger and wiser from the disaster that struck at our Utopia. I believe that it is those “make or break” moments that define an organization and can indicate its potential for success. Utopian.io passed that test with flying colors thanks to the amazing people on the team.

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You definitely make things funny my dear !
Love to have you around :)

Well what I have to say here. I have worked with lots of people before and during my journey on Steem. It's very rare to find someone who's committed enough to deliver in time, be open minded and friendly, proactive, sometimes even enthusiastic...when it's about WORK. It's easy to spot these people, because as little as they are, as broken as they may be, even if you get half of their true self...still they can do more than 10 average people together.

Well that's what I have found in you and I hope you will stay whether Utopian is gonna be a huge success or a huge fail. I only know, possibilities for the latter, are way less compared to: if you were not here.



I have tears in my eyes. Thank you. Thank you for believing in me, even when I am not at 100%. <3


@elear it takes only a good heart to become a good mentor, as @techslut identified your good motives, its a way of telling you to continue being a good one to everyone. i come to understand that, For everything we do there must be someone at the top to guide us no matter how Best you are. appreciation always come to those who added a positive way to perfect someone in their ways.

And also to remember @techslut that you could also be a good mentor as what you learn through should be impact to others.

i hope to have you also as a guide.

@utopian-io I was reading this article a few days ago and was thinking of you guys. https://www.itworld.com/article/2693360/cloud-computing/linus-torvalds-and-other-developers-are-leaving-bitcoins-on-the-table.html

Would be amazing to get Linus Torvalds on board and start rewarding devs for commits to the Linux kernel.


Any chance you can chat him up for us? :)

@techslut, you are an inspiration, a little dynamo of pure energy and pink frequencies. Without a doubt one of my favourite people in the STEEM ecosystem. It was a joy to meet you in London earlier this year, and introduce you onto the stage at the London Cryptocurrency Show....and then spend hours afterwards laughing and making merry with you. This girl should be given honourary degrees from every university, should be a UN ambassador for brilliance, and at least a three time winner of Miss World. So much love and respect for you, you awesome little fuscia thing you!

One of my favourite on utopian..... Very free and accomodating. I love her voice ,her pink hair is superb. I wonder where she made it, MARS I guess 😀..... @techslut is one of those I respect a lot on utopian.keep on the good work....you are amazing.

In the past I practiced martial arts including Muai Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Hey!!!! That is a warning.... No one dare fuck with her.... 😀
Have a lovely time the (PPPL)polite perfect pink lady


Yup, I am an alien with pink hair. :)


You were, are and will
Be the best pink lady on
This planet! You rock!

                 - wehmoen

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


That is perfect. I have tears in my eyes now.

Oh my
I love the pink lady
She is fun
She is happy
she is peace (and sometimes the ______________ :P)
She is the one and only
She is Unique.
Are you looking for wisdom? don't worry, the pink lady got your back :D

So finally you are here! :)

Nice to hear your experience.

Sounds Amazing and sounds pink :P

Nice to officially meet the mother of feed, first of her name, writer of content, the unflagged...

I told you you'll make an interview of yourself someday :-D


the unflagged


No one tag bernie!!! :P

  ·  2년 전

Queen of sacarsm


And coffee.

Thanks for introducing @techslut
How can I find her writing.

This girl rocks. She is super cute, smart, talented and hardworking. And pink!

hello tempting girl ..its truth u r look like pinky girl . which comes in dreams


Nightmares. :P

your hair looks cool and you too good post keep posting and have fun

@techslut, you are just the epitome of beauty and the brain. A very beautiful and well written introduction. You are truly the best for the job, CMO.

Nice meeting you gal. 👏👏👏

You're amazing! =)

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Wao! Pink lady, nothing comes to my mind earlier than depression about Blockchain but reading through your article makes my inspiration about blogging and as regards utopian is a dedicated community i have ever been with, i hope to be more of a contributor.
Thanks for the self information. atleast we have known about your story.
hope to share mine too someday.

Greetings pink lady!

Hey very impressive work ...i voted for the widness ..much luck...talk to you guys.... when i ll improve my english ...;)

the first illustration is better imo

I love your passion, your drive, your wit, and your pinkness. ;) Utopian.io is lucky to have you, and I'm glad you're contributing to the growth of the Steem blockchain as well as the long-term success of this organization you believe so strongly in. Keep being awesome!

Hey, thanks for all the effort with utopian and spicing up the utopian radio show!
Keep up the good work!

"In the past I practiced martial arts including Muai Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, cooked delicious dishes and liked long walks. This all took a back seat when I became ill with fibromyalgia, an unpleasant chronic pain condition that forces me to work from home (rather than an office) and causes me to be sleepy and grumpy half the time. People say the other half is worth tolerating the sleepy and grumpy me."

Same here! I used to train in Krav Maga and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu until I was hit with severe adrenal fatigue.

Kabbalah + meditation + shilajit (popular in aryuvedic medicine) + being around Nature (life force) have done a lot to help me recover.

Shilajit has made a big difference to me.