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We've had some terrific contributions this week, and our Top of Utopian is stacked with great stuff from the Ideas, Translation, Analysis, Blog, and Anti-abuse categories. Check them out to see some the best stuff we've supported this week. And speaking of support, we're still seeking yours on IndieGogo and Fundition.


Staff Picks

Suggestion: Proposal for a capability-based facet-contract implementation for the STEEM blockchain. by @mattockfs [ideas]

The Steem blockchain is so dynamic such that it can house many kinds of applications. @mattockfs made a very lovely proposal to the Steem repository which, if implemented, could benefit the entire community. @mattockfs's proposal did not get staff picked just because the idea was solid. The way he structured and presented the plan, in a straightforward and understandable format, was also a significant factor. He provided both a technical overview and and a simple example to make his proposal easily implementable if the PO or other community devs decide to do so. This is an excellent example of the kind of contributions we want to see in the Idea category.

Total payout: 27.59 STU
Number of votes: 118

Electron - korean translation(1,345 words) for pull request by @dakeshi [translations]

The translator did an excellent job translating of 1,345 words. According to the Korean moderator who reviewed the contribution, the translator used correct terms that are appropriate for the Korean Language.

Total payout: 63.29 STU
Number of votes: 168

Witness of the people, by the people, for the people by @blockchainstudio [analysis]

This week’s staff pick for the Analysis category is @blockchainstudio's sixth and most in-depth contribution to date. Collating and processing witness and witness proxy data is a time-consuming and detailed task. It is also difficult to present and explain in a straight-forward manner. The analysis covers multiple angles with regards to Witness rankings and who's voting for each witness, using various criteria, and presents these findings superbly.

Total payout: 134.76 STU
Number of votes: 278

The Steem Marketplace Roadmap by @beggars [blog]

The Blog category's staff pick this week is only one of four contributions @beggars had this week, all about the upcoming Steem Marketplace utilizing Steem Engine to create a new token. We found this post to be the most impactful of the bunch, as it lays out the project's roadmap.

Total payout: 46.85 STU
Number of votes: 186


With over a year of experience tracking plagiarism on Steemit, @leoumesh shares his techniques in finding original sources. This post walks you through uncovering plagiarism with translated text. The search engines will not find the text in English, but when translated back to the original source language, you may well have a match! If you think a post is translated from a different language, read on and learn.

Total payout: 65.92 STU
Number of votes: 168 Post Statistics

The staff picked contributions are only a small (but exceptional) example of the mass of contributions reviewed and rewarded by

Category Statistics

CategoryReviewedRewardableRewardedTotal rewardsTop contributor
graphics11107191.89 STU@tobaloidee
translations272616721.91 STU@alexs1320
video-tutorials643151.50 STU@tensor
blog463632607.04 STU@beggars
bug-hunting181615286.28 STU@harry-heightz
copywriting22256.61 STU@harry-heightz
ideas241712257.11 STU@harry-heightz
tutorials141410229.58 STU@pckurdu
anti-abuse544241.98 STU@leoumesh
development252413654.36 STU@holger80
iamutopian886294.14 STU@didic
analysis222120.40 STU@blockchainstudio


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Wow!!! I aced 3 categories. I'm feeling Superhuman. I deserve some accolades.


Hi @harry-heightz, 3 categories in the same week? wow! That's really awesome.

ps. I've also done 3 (analysis, ideas, bug-hunting) as well but in different weeks :)


You are legendary.


I'm happy for those selected, they really deserved it through their actions and activities in promoting indiegogo and steemit at large. Utopian carry on with your good work. I really appreciate the support over time. Steem to the moon.

ok sir.keepbit up!

Great criteria for selection , keep it up,

Thank you so much for choosing mine too!

Just found this. And hello. You got a discord? Would. Love to talk with you. And definitely working on growing some amazing people and like what you are doing.

Thanks! Steem on!

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Hi, @utopian-io!

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Oh thank you for pick me up. And congrats @blockchainstudio and all contributors

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