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We're still recovering from the fantastic time many of us had at SteemFest 3, but that doesn't mean we don't have some excellent posts for you in this week's Top of Utopian. This week, we have exemplary posts from the Translation, Anti-abuse, Tutorials and Blog categories. Check them out to learn what great Utopian contributions look like!

Staff Picks

Steem Downvote Report Beem Python Tool Series #1: Check Your Flag Rank! by @anthonyadavisii [blog]

Ordinarily, we prefer posts to stick to a specific lane. If it’s a Blog category post, it should be the best blog post it can be. If it’s a Dev category post, it should be the best dev post it can be. If it’s a Tutorials category post, it should be the best tutorial it can be. @anthonyadavisii broke all the rules in his staff-picked post about the Steem Downvote Report Tool. It’s a development oriented blog post that’s also kind of a tutorial on an anti-abuse tool. Top of Utopian posts are usually exemplars of how you to post, but do not attempt this high level of difficulty unless you’re a skilled writer!

Total payout: 66.87 STU
Number of votes: 101

Scam: Your Funds and Friends Aren't Safe by @lovenfreedom [anti-abuse]

This is the third time in the short history of the Anti-abuse category that @lovenfreedom has made it to the Top of Utopian. Her contribution is easy to understand and is a quick read. She explains why everyone needs to be involved in fighting this type of abuse. She teaches readers how to stop clicking and start thinking. She shows the importance of knowing what you are clicking on before you click. Everyone who loves Steem apps, and wants to keep their Steem safe, should read this post. It is good knowledge for everyone to gain. Don’t get Phished, get smart.

Total payout: 80.05 STU
Number of votes: 181

Writing a simple Compiler on my own - Abstract Syntax Tree Principle [C][Flex][Bison] by @drifter1 [tutorials]

Another round in the amazing series that @drifter1 has been bringing us while taking us on a journey of building a simple C compiler. In this session, a high level theoretical overview is presented while exploring intermediate code generation, relevant representations, along with Abstract Syntax Tree design. This well-crafted and well-illustrated tutorial paves the way for the hands-on implementation in following parts.

Total payout: 53.34 STU
Number of votes: 328

Simplified Chinese translation of Node.js #6 - 1267 words by @aafeng [translations]

With his professional background in programming, the translator had a 100% accurate translation of 1267 words. In the post, the translator highlighted the most interesting part of the discussion about the different ways to allocate a buffer. He highlighted the potential problems and proposed solutions to the performance problem. He used his expertise to show how to translate the long strings to fluent and easy to understand Chinese. Great examples are given to the post.

Total payout: 57.00 STU
Number of votes: 104 Post Statistics

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bug-hunting31111.56 STU@ookamisuuhaisha
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tutorials161313448.11 STU@drifter1
translations6060602767.32 STU@alexs1320
development3533331675.36 STU@raycoms
video-tutorials444200.25 STU@tensor
copywriting22219.75 STU@ewuoso
blog413232904.12 STU@curtwriter
ideas54441.30 STU@ckole
anti-abuse333212.73 STU@lovenfreedom
iamutopian999535.46 STU@rosatravels
analysis444234.92 STU@paulag
social22240.56 STU@jingis07


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Wow, so many blog posts. I would say it is the most we saw in one week. I would like to see a more detailed overview of the category. @didic

...while you were partying at SteemFest, I was translating

A lightweight private npm proxy registry

and the No.1 hit in Google Search:
It will be nice to see it translated to "Srpski and Српски"

Very soon I'll announce the idea for a new project related to history.
I'll need someone skilful in web and databases *(I'm relatively good in "lab" software).

Thank you for giving me the sense of meaning on Steemit. Without you, I would probably quit.

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Wao! such a nice event all. I got some experience from the top contributors of the week.

Is there a way to delegate some SP to utopian-io and get rewards?