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For information about the (former) Utopian project please read the latest official announcement

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That is an amazing news and I am really happy to see two of the greatest communitities work together.
Steem on!

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Finally there is a Fundition option. I really hope you achieve your Target.

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Congratulations, the utopian team really works hard.

Wow! Utopian-io is really doing great things.. I must say this project are really benefiting and interesting.. Since i started reading article of the Utopian_io, i must confess i have not seen any plartorm doing great thing concerning the proposed project.
Kudos to you great team of Utopian-io



congrates buddy!!!
that's great for all stemians i think.

I just gave a small donation, and I think, no matter how small the contribution that is given, it will certainly have an impact considering what Utopian has specifically given and the open source community to me, long life Utopian Colony.

Congratulations for this wonderful news. Hope your campaign was successful.

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This is such great news that you're available in both the platforms and I wish success for your campaign. I am sure it will be successful..

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We always be optimistic and this positive mindset will take raising fund for Indiegogo campaign on its target 35k USD.Hard work never vain.and now Fundition will enable us to participate in the campaign.
Thank you for your continuous effort and hard work.

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Will be interesting to watch how the things will develop on Fundition...

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Omg. How come their so much replies to your comment. I thought these are feedback to Utopian's post 😢


@fulltimegeek is spamming all my comments (as well as a few other users) as well as flagging them.

Wow, finally on Fundition thanks to @utopian-io and the team members. Well-done.

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Congratulations, the utopian team shows the effort to do things well.

These are really big events

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crypto+opensource=utopia only if we're wise to their division and take it away then multiply the freedom


This option for Fundition will go a long way.

Huge things are coming on steem blockchain!

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Thanks guys for consistent support to Steem Community.
More power!
And I wish you all the best!

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I'm all for working together.., love the main idea. But.., is it really Steem versus other blockchains? I don't like the Steemian badge's meaning, that others are inferior.

Even if Steem is better.., that's more of a reason not to ridicule others.
It only creates hatred. No one likes to be wrong.., and when the better team is arrogant.., it deters others.

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Wow that's great

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I hope you reach the goal. good luck

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congratulation wel-done @utopian-io

Good going utopian! We Thank you for all the support given to swapsteem!

We are a steem based p2p exchange in our alpha version. We also have a demo application at
We will soon be adding a market to be able to trade steem for erc20 tokens,steemmonters, goods, services and what not! Stay tuned and Please follow our blog for info and token listing queries

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this is an wonderfull steem community and it is good cariare foundation to reach our goal

Is there any way to invest with sbd?

I wish you many successes, greetings

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Congratulations @utopian-io!
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