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Utopian for Byteball:

Utopian.io is running this task request on behalf of Byteball.org.

Achieving mainstream adoption


In 1991, Linus Torvalds created Linux to battle IBM, Sun and other giants. But ask yourself this: “Did Linux achieve mainstream adoption?” Gather 20 random people and ask them if they use Linux. If you’re lucky, one or two might actually know what it is. So - did Linux achieve mainstream adoption?

Try to ask the same people if they have a smartphone, if they ever rode an elevator, if they ever stopped at a traffic light or if they have a kid that has a small “intelligent” doll or robot.

Chances are that all of them will answer yes to some of these. Thanks to Linux, all of that became possible.

The point being, that for any new technology to become a success, it must reach the point where it fulfils a purpose without causing any friction to the people using it.

The internet of things

Microprocessors are put in everything from cars to refrigerators to clothes and other wearables. We talk about the Internet of Things. Our homes are becoming intelligent, and we enjoy the benefits of this artificial intelligence being built into appliances we use in our everyday lives.

With the Byteduino library, a whole new dimension to this world of connected devices opens up, creating a vast number of possible use cases. But we need to make sure the barrier to entry is as low as possible for developers wanting to contribute to the constantly growing ecosystem of Byteball.

Task specification

Create a tutorial that thoroughly walks users through the use of the Byteduino co-signer library. It should explain the instructions in the readme file in greater detail.

Additional topics you can cover to increase the usefulness of the tutorial:

  • Where can one buy the ESP32 or ESP8266 chips?
  • What difficulties do you expect a person new to Arduino/Byteball to encounter?
  • What difficulties did you encounter yourself and how did you solve them?
  • What does code do in the different files? How does the interaction between the cosigner and browser work?


An article that makes it possible to present code examples or terminal output, as well as a video tutorial showing the actual process of setting up and co-signing a transaction. The README file contains an overview on each of the steps.The key goal is to lower the barrier to entry for someone new to Byteball or the Arduino platform.


The deadline for contributions is December 1st. We know that this is quite a long time, but it allows contributors to order an ESP32 or ESP8266 and have it shipped.

Help and information

To get in touch with the developer of the Byteduino co-signer, please join the Byteball Slack where he goes by the name of “neversaynever”. You can also catch Punqtured on the Utopian Discord https://discord.gg/azdmM3v.

Rewards Information:

Rewards generated by this task request will be sent as Liquid STEEM to the task solver once the task is completed, as decided by the Project owner.

The task will be considered considered complete when the solver will publish an Utopian contribution.

Useful links

Byteduino GitHub repository
Byteduino Release Announcement
Byteball Slack
Byteball Wiki
Byteball GitHub repository

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This looks like a very interesting tutorial for people to go through and create.
We wish everyone best of luck !

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We're really thrilled to see what people can come up with. Knowing the potential number of contributors might be a bit limited, we still have high hopes that this will lead to some great contributions that will prove really beneficial in the following months.

The best contribution for this task request, will serve a very important role in a future competition, so contributors will potentially gain a bit of a head start on that. More to follow in due time :-)

  • Just got back from a trip
  • My package finally has arrived (I actually plan to use it for other stuff)
  • And now found this task request 😂

Will begin to try it out after I finish updating guc-desktop 💪


Where did you buy that lol


common mainstream e-commerce from where I live 😋.

Need to be carefull with clone/DIY grade when looking for it 😂

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