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Utopian for TravelFeed: is running this task request on behalf of the TravelFeed Project.



We need a modified Hivemind instance to power the GraphQL API of our dApp.

The following modifications need to be made to the Hivemind code (Python):


  • Only include posts with a minimum word count of 250 words and travelfeed in the tags and/or category.

  • Add columns for latitude and longitude extracted from the post's json_metadata. Here is an example TravelFeed post with a location in the json_metadata.

    • Scan the post body for a SteemitWorldMap code snippet (swmregex) if no (valid) "coordinates" field is set in the json_metadata.
    • If none of the above apply, default value is NULL.
  • Add columns for country, subdivision, area, and neighbourhood

    • country (ISO 3166 country code)
    • subdivision (ISO 3166 code for state/province/territory..)
    • area (post code if applicable, otherwise, default to NULL)
    • neighbourhood (for rural areas name of larger region e.g. Black Forest, Outback, Mekong Delta, defaults to NULL if it cannot be determined). All names in English. Use a reverse Geocoding service to obtain these information based on the coordinates. Could be done with GeoPy and Nominatim.
  • Add column for curation_score: Percentage of vote by @travelfeed. Defaults to 0.


  • Add columns for facebook, instagram, youtube, couchsurfing populated from the json_metadata. Default to NULL.


Calls from the API to the Hivemind database include:

  • Location search: Get posts where latitude and longitude is in certain range, possibly sorted by proximity to a given location;
  • Text search: Get posts by full text search;
  • Feeds: Get posts where author / one or multiple tags / country / subdivision / area / neighbourhood matches/contains request; Get posts chronologically for all authors that are followed by a certain user.
  • User search: Get user where location / Steem username / Steem display_name / instagram / facebook / twitter / youtube / couchsurfing ID matches request;
  • Order posts by curation score or chronologically.




Join the TravelFeed Discord and reach out to jpphotography#4309 on Discord.


Rewards Information:

Rewards generated by this task request will be sent as liquid STEEM to the task solver once the task is completed, as decided by the project owner.

The task will be considered complete after it has been tested and accepted by the project owner and the solvers publish a Utopian post, explaining what they did in order to solve the task.

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@travelfeed we researched what could be a much better location system message me. We had long conversations about what would be the best way to tag posts or images with a location. Let's chat


I'm curious to hear about that, just sent you a message!

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I will skip the reward ;)

Ok got it I will definitely do it.

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