A new curation bot for DTube





Some of my commits are older than 14 days. Thats because @heimindanger and I tested the bot in a closed channel on discord with a small team of curators.

What is the project about?

The objective was to built an easy to maintain curation bot for DTube. This bot is already used for the curation of Videos on d.tube by DTube.

  • Technology Stack
    I used nodeJS and discord.js to create this bot. The bot monitors the curation channel for messages containing a link to a DTube video. As soon as a video is found the bot sends an embed message to the channel:

Screenshot 2018-07-11 at 18.59.41.png

Now the curators have 15 minutes to add one of these reactions to the post:

👍,👎,💯,🎲 or ❤

each reaction will have a different impact on the final vote. To understand how the final bot vote is calculated check out helper.js#L92

After 15 minutes the bot will calculate the finale vote and updated the previous sent embed message:

Screenshot 2018-07-11 at 19.03.32.png

You see that the clock emoji is removed and a green checkmark was added. This indicated that the bot voted successfully on the post. In addition to that the bot adds the calculated vote weight to the embed message.

  • Roadmap
    In one of the next updates I will add a new command which will allow curators to anonymously comment a video using the curation bot.

  • How to contribute?
    If you are interested in this project, found a bug or just have questions either create a fork and send us a pull request, or create an issue on github or contact me on discord. (ppro#0001)

In the case you just want to install the bot yourself and try it out check out the detailed step by step guide in the readme file provided in the repository: README

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This greatly improved the fliexibility of our curation, instead of our traditional 20% vote, we shall see more diversity now :D

What about beneficiaries? Something new?


This bot doesn't have anything todo with beneficiaries. What do you mean?


I don’t talk about the bot, the service itself, is there’s something coming up new about the benef on dtube?


Nothing new since our lastest economic update. All our beneficiary rewards are still fully redistributed to voters through the @dtube.rewards account


What about the dtube voting weight reducer which will trigger after receiving 3 dtube votes in a running week? Does anything about that change?


Disabled, curators judge things and have more flexible options for giving out different voting % now.


I dont know. I dont work on the website or on the upload servers. I only did this bot.

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I digs it. Now do we have to download this bot or is it automatically integrated into Dtube once your finished creating this bot?

This is exciting! Great job Dtube team! You guys are awesome!

This is really cool. Nice to see dtube improving. Good job!



Thanks for the contribution, @wehmoen. I would recommend that you try and keep the commits within 14 days for future contributions as it has a negative influence on the score.

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Thank you for your review :) The commits are not all within 14 days because we tested the bot before releasing it. So a lower score is ok because we now have a well tested code :) I didn't want to rush and publish shitty code :D

Nicely done. Looks like a great way for DTube curation team to spread out the vote, etc. Thanks for your hard work on the platform.


The feedback from the team I got so far was positive :) Thank you for your feedback!

Interesting updates, dtube!
Glad to see it’s getting better and better!

This is quite a solid contribution


Thank you!

Cool to see this. Onwards and upwards for the continued success of Dtube!

Wow, great improvement on curation! Thanks for doing this!

Hey @wehmoen
Thanks for contributing on Utopian.
We’re already looking forward to your next contribution!

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Don’t forget I’m not a robot. I explore, read, upvote and share manually 😊

You can upvote, follow, resteem, delegate and join my curation trail to support me, good creators and minnows.

Thank you!

Awesome changes :D Dtube getting better and better!

Thanks for this information and the process you went to get out this bot not for scamming for the good of steemit. I just resteemed your post for my followers to gain from this information.

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Wow! Another improvement by @dtube :)

Nice one! Many thanks for your hard work.

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15 minutes only for reaction? What if video is 1 hour long? Who does watch it and verify in so short time. Think about quality.
Anyway good job making some improvements.


You can extend the 15 minutes to whatever you want in the config file :)

Wow! These is really amazing, can't wait to share with all my friends who have been feeling discouraged not getting the 20% upvote. Thumbs up, really proud of what dtube is doing to include more people. It's a breath of fresh air. Looking forward to see it working full force. Great job!

  ·  작년

You made a great job there for DTube. Thank you !

We'll see how this checks out in a few weeks.

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i do not talk about bots, but i will try dtube

nice development on d.Tube.

This will help creators to reach out and spread their content in a useful way

Dope, I dig it. Thanks for sharing and for developing this!

nice development

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Where can I find the link to join the discord channel

I need to brush up on my developer lingo :) [it's been a while]
.. but from what I understand, this brings more nuanced voting to the platform with is a good thing.

Thanks for your continued work to improve the platform

Exciting!!! Can't Wait to See this in Play, Now Everyone Has a Chance to Do Better.
Thank you @wehmoen!! Rooting for this to really skyrocket!

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Do I have to submit the post on the Discord channel for Dtube ? if so under which sub-channel?

Congrats, you made the #steemitminute for today!
Click the Image Below to see the Video!

This cool post is featured in today's Joy daily news (in Chinese :D)


Chinese brutal

This is interesting improvement I think, but...yesterday and today I can't upload anything to dtube...I always get "Unknown Error" red message...not sure if this is somehow connected with the new bot... or I'm blocked?

Can someone please help me on how to use this bot?


it is only used by dtubes curators team.

This is great!... this is what i love about DTube you guys are constantly trying to improve and you guys have a great team. Keep up the awesome work Xx

The Emojis though. :D
Moving forward, making it better. Cool.

Another leap for mankind :D
Really nice to hear that.
Creds to all of you and fist bumps sent across the pond :D

Is this bot only active on Discord? Which Channel?


Not public.


Ah ok thanks

really liked it hope it works as you are claiming all the best

Dtube for everyone

That is genial. Excellent job

Well it's great but according to this the Curators most likely see our thumbnail and tital only instead of full video.

Wow! @wehmoen I'm a bit late and just found my way here. This is exciting and interesting! So good that instead of just 20-40-60, it could be something else varies depending on quality (I suppose). Thanks for the update! This is greatttt! ❤

A very interesting question, where can I have that discord channel? an invitation or link?


Dtube has its own curation team. The curation process is done by trustworthy members of the DTube community.


Ah okay :D