Utopian + DaVinci Witness Project: Steem White Paper (Genesis) - English to Polish translation report

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Steem White Paper

About the project

Steem White Paper Steem is incentivized, blockchain-based, public content platform.

Contribution specifications

  • Translation overview: The fragment that report relates to speaks about Impact of Token Creation Rate and how it affects the STEEM supply, how creating new STEEM effects user's balance of the STEEM supply, the effects of different actions taken by long-term holders and impact of this strategy on the STEEM supply. The threads consisted of quite a lot of statistics and market analysis. Most of the threads consisted of full sentences - with few exceptions.
    My work on this fragment run quite smoothly, but as with this project I need increased focus for proper understanding. I hope to contribute more to this project.
  • Word Count: 1004
  • Languages: The project was translated from English to Polish
  • Links:

Link to the project

Link to my crowdin account

Link to the project on github

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Hi @yasminafly,

thank you for the contribution.

You have made fewer mistakes this time, but they still appear.

  • Motywania -> Motywowania (I have already explained this under your previous post.)

  • oddziałowującą -> oddziałującą ('oddziałującą' is the correct form)

  • 'has grown by 4.59x over less than 7 years' -> 'w ciągu niecałych7 lat podaż pieniądza w Stanach Zjednoczonych wzrosła 4.58 razy.' (Your translation) - First of all, the original text is '4.59', not '4.58'. Second, there is an unnecessary space between the word "niecałych" and the number 7.

  • '400,000 BTC out of 15.5M (or 2.5% daily).' -> '400 000 BTC z 15,5 M (lub 2,5% na dzień).' (Your translation) - In such a short sentence you made three punctuation errors. We have a missing comma in the 400,000 digit. '15,5 M' - here should be a dot, not a comma, and there is an unnecessary space. '2,5%' - here should be a dot, not a comma. Please, pay attention to what the original text looks like.

  • Właśnię -> Właśnie

  • over 98.49% -> ponad 98,49% (here should be a dot, not a comma)

As you can see above, you commit a lot of punctuation errors. You must pay attention to exactly what characters appear in the original texts, you can not insert them as you like. Good luck in your future work on this project.

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Hi @villaincandle. Sorry for the mistakes - I don't know why they suddenly occur on a bigger scale, but I will try do do my best to avoid them in the future translations! And as I said - I guess I need a pair of glasses ;)


Thank you for your review, @villaincandle! Keep up the good work!

Hi @yasminafly!

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