Esperanto translation for Dtube. 20% > 100%. 410 English words translated. Esperanto translation complete.

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Project Details

This is whole translation of Dtube from English to Esperanto. Esperanto has a vibrant and enthusiastic community on-line, and I'm sure Esperanto speakers would love a place to use their language with a proper interface. It's part of my quest of translating programs in the Steem ecosystem to lure Esperanto-speakers.

Links related to the translation

Source Language

English (However, I sometimes lean on my understanding of French to get nuances of translation right).

Translated Language

I translated the rest of DTube to Esperanto, based on the foundation of @iangreen.

Number Of Words

Number of words translated on this contribution: 410 words (421 in destination language), which completes the translation.
DTube My contributions.png
DTube My activity.png
DTube Translation Proofreeding activity.png

Proofread Words

None of my words have been translated yet. However before doing my own translation, I proofread approximately 25 words for user @iangreen, and suggested a couple of improvements.

Previous translation on the same project

None by me, however user @iangreen had made previously 56/206 Esperanto translations (approximately 100 words) to this project. I will happily pay a proportional (100/506) amount of any reward from this post to @iangreen.

Number of words translated on the project before this report (if any): Approximately 100 (by @iangreen)

Links related to the translation:

I have previously translated the following projects to Esperanto:

I am also working on a continuing series in Steemit to teach Esperanto to others.


If you have any questions about this project specifically or Esperanto in general, please let me know!

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You can contact us on Discord.


Thanks, @samhamou. The "Proofreader" role has been requested from the Dtube project manager. I will do that first from now on!