Promoting keepass2android to over 6000 people

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Keepass2android have really helped me alot. I have been loosing my passwords and always getting hacked but with the help of kee2passandroid I could save my password there which to open the app to access your password you need to go through a lot of security process to be sure that your are the owner. So now my passwords are safe and easily accessible. So I decided to help people out there that needs a safe for all their passwords that they can trust and has high security clearance by boosting a post on facebook about the keepass2android.
I own a facebook account
I own a facebook page


I ran a social media promotion and it is capable of reaching over 10,000 people of both genders within the age range of 18 to over 65+ and the location was Nigeria, Lagos State, Abuja, Akwa Ibom, Calabar. The potential reach of the ads was 8,800,000.
keepass2android audience done.png


I used my facebook account to post on my facebook page and made a post about the keepass2android link to post and on the post I made them know all about keepass2android and its uses and I gave them a link to were they could download the app.


The post made a rapid reach of over 6,500
people, over 200 reactions, and 2 comments as at when I prepared this post.
kee2pass results.PNG

Proof of work

I have a Facebook account by the name "Nsikakabasi Charles" which is my only Facebook account and below is proof that the page was created by me.

  • My facebook account
    facebook profile.JPG

  • My facebook page

  • My steemit account

My facebook nickname is yhaulez which is my steemit account name @yhaulez and my facebook page has @yhaulez on its cover photo
Video proof of audience reached

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