Acute flaccid analysis caused by enterovirus

3개월 전

AFM, which begins with cold-like symptoms and progresses to limb weakness and paralysis in a matter of days, was first documented in 2012. Since then, AFM outbreaks have occurred every other year, with more than 500 confirmed cases recorded so far. But because scientists have had trouble pinpointing a cause, AFM has been the subject of contentious debate within the medical community.

Mounting evidence implicated EVs as the likely culprit – specifically the so-called D68 and A71 strains of the virus. EV outbreaks are common and normally cause nothing more severe than cold-like symptoms or the rash-producing hand, foot and mouth disease.

Scientists started to notice, however, that EV outbreaks coincided with spikes in AFM. They also found that respiratory samples from children diagnosed with AFM often tested positive for EVs. Plus, laboratory studies found that these strains caused paralysis in mice.

India has a huge afm episode while giving oral polio. Just a coincidence.

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