autism may be an autoimmune disorder.

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Not previously linked to autism, perivascular lymphocyte cuffing is a well-known indicator of chronic inflammation in the brain. Lymphocyte cuffs in the brain are telltale signs of viral infections or autoimmune disorders. But the pattern Anderson observed did not match any previously documented infection or autoimmune disorder of the brain. In the brains Anderson examined, the cuffs were subtle but distinct. “I’ve seen enough brains to know you shouldn’t see that,” he said.

To find out if the perivascular lymphocyte cuffs in this sample of autistic brains were linked to autism spectrum disorder, Anderson and colleagues compared 25 brains from donors diagnosed with the disorder to 30 brains from neurotypical brain donors. These neurotypical control cases were selected to approximate the age range and medical histories of the autism group. Present in more than two-thirds of the autistic brains, perivascular lymphocyte cuffing significantly surpassed that in the control cases.

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I think Autism, ADD, and other such "personality disorders" are completely fraudulent. These are simply personality types that aren't within the parameters prescribed to us by our "masters" and are therefore, demonized and snuffed out of existence with drugs.


Medication doesn't make these things not exist. As someone who was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult and who has been told she probably has autism too (we're still in the process of working that one out), I can tell you that I still have a neurodiverse brain even on ADHD medication. All it does really is help me focus. It quietens it all down a bit. Instead of my thoughts being like 30 radios in my head, it's more like 5.

Life is also a shittonne better knowing about it than not. My alternative labelling of myself before finding this out was not "a person with a different personality type" - it was "a fuck up". We should be accepted as individuals and helped but not forced to change, but it is not just a different personality type. It's more complex than that and the reason they are classed as disabilities is that they can be disabling for some.

The brain is structured differently and has different levels of neurotransmitters (dopamine, norepinephrine, seratonin etc) in the case of ADHD and Autism (not the same as each other either, but there is a HUGE overlap in symptoms between ADHD and Autism). Neither of them are personality disorders either. They are neurological disorders.

My brain works differently to a neurotypical brain. I have to work with it in ways that work with an ADHD brain. You do have to work with your personality type too but it's not the same. I failed continually trying to do things following strategies aimed at neurotypical people when I thought I was one of them too. Following strategies that work for the ADHD brain has helped me actually start succeeding at things that I was failing at when I didn't know I have ADHD.

ADHD is also a lot more than people think it is. It is an executive dysfunction disorder at its heart. It also shoudl be called Attention Regulation Hyperactivity Disorder as it is much more about regulation of attention than a defecit of it. We call also hyperfocus, which is awesome when it is directed at something productive (and we also don't forget to eat and drink), but not so awesome when it is focused on learning something useless or looking on reddit or when we should be doing x but we can't stop doing y - that part is definitely a double edged sword.

ADHD causes issues with prioritisation, time management, time blindness, impulsiveness, focus, emotional dysregulation, starting tasks, finishing tasks that have been started, forgetfulness, losing things and so much more. It's not uncommon to get headaches and realise it is because you forgot to drink water for the whole day. A lot of people with ADHD struggle to hold down a job. A lot of people with ADHD struggle with study. We can struggle with relationships, seeking new one after new one because it provides dopamine which our brains crave since we are low in dopamine, or being in a relationship but being obsessed with it to begin with and then getting bored and looking for dopamine elsewhere as the relationship becomes "normal". Some of us don't have that problem but may have relationship issues due to emotional impulsivity and emotional dysregulation. Ofc some people may have no more relationship issues than a neurotypical person, but it is a part of life that ADHD can affect. Dopamine chasing is the reason people with ADHD are more prone to addictions too including behavioural addictions (gaming etc). We also tend to get obsessive about things in general and sometimes it is hard from the outside to distinguish between someone who has a huge friggin interest in something and someone who is addicted to it. This is even moreso for Autism given that Autism is more closely associated with special interests (but these can apply to ADHD too - ADHD ones are more likely to change very often though).

On the other hand, there does seem to be a correlation between ADHD and creativeness, but it isn't a given and we haven't found any causation there so that may not be caused by the ADHD.
Some of us also do very very well in emergency situations due to the way our brains respond to urgency.
There's potential good things that come with the bad, and not every individual has all the symptoms nor all the benefits but it is far from just a personality type. Autism is the same in this regard in that it can have positive and negative effects on the person and their life.

The disorders themselves are not fraudulent. They are real things and the worst thing that could ever happen is what happened to me - having them and not knowing and not understanding why you are struggling. If I could change one thing in my life, it would be making myself know about this much earlier. That could possibly mean high school wasn't a living hell for me. It could mean I didn't start to build a massive wall of self hate inside myself as a teenager that I built on for a decade afterwards. It could mean I don't have a "stupid piece of shit voice" now that tells me that I'm going to fail and criticises me (the name of the voice came from a Bojack Horseman episode btw where it shows his inner thought processes). Compared to that, I would even prefer it be snuffed out of existence with drugs (back then to stop all that happening, not now), but simply knowing about it would have helped a lot.

But still, drugs do not stop it anyway. I am neurodiverse and my medication does not change that. All it does is help me focus a bit more and temporarily (the meds aren't working 24/7) makes existence nicer by turning off some of the radios in my head (ie slowing down the massive stream of thoughts upon thoughts upon thoughts - hyperactivity can be in the brain only). I'm still a divergent thinker and I'm still creative and I still think a lot. IT's just simply easier to focus when on meds. It also means my creative ideas are more likely to become reality because it is easier to actually do something with those thoughts on meds.

The main proof I guess that the medications aren't just the result of people wanting to make us all the same is the fact that people who don't know they have these disorders self medicate. I self-medicated subconsciously with chocolate (caffeine does the same as amphetamines do just not as strong). Many people with undiagnosed (and not suspected) ADHD self-medicate with caffeine (coffee, energy drinks, chocolate), illegally using amphetamines, or nicotine. People consciously drink, smoke, eat these things but they're not aware of why - that their brain is asking for stimulants. Exercise also produces the same effect as stimulants, just not as strong. None of the self-medication strategies are typically as strong or effective as stimulants but they do the same thing. Individuals are treating themselves (not necessarily in the healthiest ways though) without knowing they are. For the body to make someone do that, it can't just be related to our "masters" not liking a particular personality type.

As for the personality type bit though, these aren't - they are neurological disorders - BUT - we still need more acceptance too. This is the whole neurodiversity vs disability thing. We need to class ADHD, Autism etc as disabilities because there are people that NEED help and saying it isn't a disability is harmful to those who need the help that comes from it being classed as a disability. At the same time though, we need to be accepted as different and given help to adapt to things if we want it, but also not being forced to change to be like neurotypical people. That's where neurodiversity comes in. We need acceptance as individuals rather than being seen as "weird" and being expected to be what we're not which causing shit like masking which is terrible but we also need to be able to help people if any of their symptoms are disabling. Stuff like ABA should be abolished because that is training autistic children to be neurotypical by encouraging behaviours and extinguishing other ones which is terrible and not the right way to deal with it, but there are other forms of support that people need and removing the disability terminology from ADHD, Autism and the rest will only harm the people who need support.

This isn't fraudulent. This is real. Acceptance helps us but that includes acceptance of it being a real thing, not saying it isn't real or is fraudulent. And for the most part since it's the one I know for certain I have, I have only focused on ADHD and stuff I know is directly related to that. Some of the shit that I deal with that could be related to the ADHD too (like I said there is a lot of overlap between these two disorders) but if I do have Autism, is much more likely to be related to Autism, is a very very shitty addition to a personality type if it comes from personality type. It just simply isn't part of a personality type.

Based on my life now, I wouldn't change who I am, but I would do things that could help, including medication for my ADHD (which I do use), using strategies that work for me and my brain and making an income from my own business instead of working for other people. I wouldn't make myself neurotypical because idk which good aspects of me are tied to me being neurodiverse and which ones aren't but if I could stop the bad and keep the good I would do it in a heartbeat.

They're not personality types. They're neurological differences, which vary a lot (if you've met one person with either ADHD or autism, you've met one person with ADHD or autism - we vary a lot). We can even have different personality types while having these disorders. They are neurological differences, which may or may not confer benefits to the individual, but which can also be disabling. They are forms of neurodiversity. They are disabilities. They are disorders. They are differences. They are all of these things. The one thing they aren't is fraudulent. They also can't be cured with drugs. Most medications are there to help manage the symptoms, not cure the person and make them not have a neurodiverse brain.

Society definitely overlaps with it all as how society treats neurodiverse people affects how being neurodiverse impacts an individual as a member of society but it still isn't as simple as a personality type. It's all the things I said above.