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I've been thinking about all the anti vaccine and pro vaccine things I have been reading lately and I have made some comments to myself. Now let's see I was born in 1961 and I do believe I was vaccinated for everything that was available then, and I lived in a third world country which are supposed to be guinea pigs. I was a success because all my vaccines worked I never got what they were intended to prevent so I can't really talk against them.

Now I can remember in those days (I'm talking about the late sixties, when I already noticed my surroundings) a high incidence of polio among many people there was a rather noticeable percentage of people who had unfortunately been struck by this disease and were physically impaired. At about this time massive polio vaccine journeys were made and I can vouch that polio cases were reduced tremendously. Because of the vaccines? I really don't know I have no way to prove this.

But in this country millions of children have been vaccinated, if there is something evil in this I would think it would be to decrease population growth by increasing deaths thanks to these vaccines. Makes sense right, what other reason could there be? Yet when I was born in 1961 Honduras had a population of 2 million, today our population has grown to 9 million, oops seems the population decrease via vaccines didn't work.

Now I am sure there are conspiracies all over especially in the medical field, diseases that aren't cured just to make money, probably diseases induced by external means, but I just don't think vaccines are one of these means, you know if the idea wasn't to reduce the population Honduras certainly isn't the country to make money out of artificially induced diseases, we are the poorest country in Latin America.

So I will just file this conspiracy in the same file as the flat earth vs spherical earth conspiracy, as long as anti vaxxers and flat earthers cannot show me a reason for someone trying to do what they think is being done I will seriously doubt the validity of their ideas.

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Just get your vaccines, lots more dangerous to your health going without.

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