Ethan Lindenberger...Poster boy for VAXXER encouragement of parental disobedience and elevation of the state.

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Even Faux News this morning--that great "conservative" bastion and "Christian" (sympathetic) news network-- is pushing the supposedly laudable action of one teenager who decided to disobey his parents and get himself vaccinated. For Fox News to now side with the state against loving parents --WHO HAVE DONE THEIR HOMEWORK and are acting from conscience in the best interests of their children-- is the ultimate betrayal, and a real exposure of even "the other side's" true devotion to the emerging demonic, technocratic, omnipotent super-state government.

(Vaccine propaganda tool, Ethan Lindenberger, courtesy of

For the "family friendly" news network to openly promote government over families, child disobedience over Biblical submission, (combined with their long-term promotion of the LGBT agendas,) displays clearly, or SHOULD, that there is no mainstream media outlet that is truly in any way conservative or "pro-family."

Fox News's report on this teenager's disobedience was so one-sided it would almost be laughable if it weren't so emblematic of the pervasive assault of faux "science" on the rights of parents to make decisions for themselves and their families when it comes to medical interventionism.

The report mentioned that there was a huge "Twitter storm" on-line with regard to this story, but every one of the examples that they read was BLATANTLY pro-vaccine and anti-parental rights. It is truly clear to me, at least, that the U.N.'s World "Health" Organization declared vaccine resistance one of the greatest threats to global health in 2019, because this is the year they are pulling out all the stops to make vaccinating every human mandatory.

To go to the extent of having "pro-family" people praise children who disobey their parents tells me they will stop at nothing to push this very lucrative corporate agenda.

For the life of me, I can't understand how people can be critical of one U.N. hoax --so-called human-caused "climate change"-- while swallowing another, hook, line, and sinker.

Maybe one agenda pays better?


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