Fed mandatory vaccination push on the way. The writing is on the wall.

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The "coincidence" of the WHO calling all of us who oppose government TOTALITARIAN CONTROL of our bodies "one of the gravest threats to human health in 2019," to all these state legislatures pushing bills to repeal exemptions/exception to mandatory vaccination THIS YEAR, to the trotting out of their parental-disobedience-in-favor-of-big-pharma/government poster boy before Congress this week, is all suspicious.

(LOL...and the propaganda can flow BOTH WAYS simultaneously, and usually does.)

BUT...you haven't seen anything yet. The full court press for mandatory vaccination is just warming up.

Check out this article:


Here is a key excerpt:

"First Comes A Resolution, Then Comes The Federal Vaccine Mandates. After yesterday's Senate hearing on vaccine safety and efficacy - which was more of a press event rather than an actual hearing since only one side was presented - a resolution was introduced to the House to claim vaccine safety and efficacy. We need to read between the lines here and recognize this for what it truly is: the precursor to federal vaccine mandates, with electronic tracking, censorship, and everything that goes along to ensure every man, woman and child is force vaccinated in the USA and everywhere. I really hope we are all clear that this is real, it is happening NOW, and if we do not work to end this steamroller, our future will be destroyed - from within."

(Image courtesy of globalpossibilities.org.)

Couple all this with the CONCURRENT AND BLATANT censorship of all vaccine criticism by all the big social media platforms (and the hint of Amazon banning all books on the topic as well) we can only count on Steemit and blockchain technology-- so long as the internet "kill switch" remains "off"--in order to spread the truth.

AND WE CAN COUNT ON YOU, RIGHT?!? RESTEEM THIS NOW, and email the link to all your contacts.

Here is a further excerpt from the link above regarding the "next boot to drop:"

"Amazon Being Targeted For "Helping" Anti-Vaxxers. In addition to the push for vaccine mandates, there is a simultaneous push to try and shut down all forms of dissent and they are using every angle they can think of. The latest from The Guardian? That some nonprofits earn revenue through AmazonSmile while I have an Influencer Page and earn commissions. Will Amazon capitulate? Maybe - they already removed streaming documentaries such as Vaxxed."

Got that?

Modern book burning is much simpler and twice as effective as ancient ones...because, a flip of a switch combined with the younger generations AUTOMATIC REFLEX TO BELIEVE GOVERNMENT even given all the multiple PROOFs that they use lying (and even admit to lying) as a matter of state policy and/or "national security"--and it's "problem solved."

Wakey, wakey...people.

If they can stick you with a jab that THE CONTENTS of which you really have no idea, they can also place a mark on the back of your right hand, or on your forehead...

Got it??

Am I breaking through ANY of your cognitive dissonance yet?

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