Israel's new mandatory vaccination proposal...They actually have the temerity to call this "moderate??"

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Ironically, given Congresswoman Ilhan Omar's latest comments about Israeli dominance in American politics, the "Middle East's only 'democracy'" is being forced to answer questions about a draconian new mandatory vaccination law that is soon to be considered in the Knesset.

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While this article starts off with a straight-faced disclaimer that this law is not overly invasive, it's pretty clear that it's mandated signing of a self-declaration of refusal by anti-vaxxers hearkens back, in uncomfortable ways for the mandaters, to those little yellow stars the Nazis used to make certain citizens wear:

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Hers is an excerpt:

"Parents who do not want to vaccinate will be required to sign a document setting out the refused vaccines, potential health implications from the refusal (basically, the risk of disease for the child and others), the reason of refusal, and understanding of the legal implications – the potential for the steps in the next sections..."

The article fails to mention what will happen to parents who refuse to sign such declarations. Presumably, the trains they get loaded onto will at least have water and restroom facilities, and the welcoming committee at the other end will not be speaking German...

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That this proposal clearly is still a very coercive step on the path to "vaccinate or liquidate" consider this additional brief excerpt:

"The proposed Israel vaccine law creating the health insurance mechanism provides an exemption from paying health insurance for children under the age of 18. The proposed bill will remove this exemption for unvaccinated children."

So...what happens if parents who are suddenly, ILLEGALLY, forced to contract and to bear financial burdens not levied against their fellow citizens simply can not afford such insurance? What happens if they can afford it, but still decide that they will not be told (like many millions of Americans) that they will not buy it no matter what Israeli technocrats may demand?

Americans know how that story goes.

Perhaps the trains will be equipped with "get out of insurance hell free" cards that can be handed out at disembarkation, under those beautiful plumes of dark gray smoke wafting up from the anti-vaxxers beautiful new digs.

Keep an eye on this. The mandatory vaccination push is NOT unique to America, or the West. it is (openly declared or not) a UNITED NATIONS eugenics program designed to sicken everyone to the point where culling can proceed very Prince-Charles/Georgia-Guidestones-like, with a minimum of cost and informed "blow back."

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When Britain or Israel sneezes, why is that America must always catch cold?...

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That's a pretty far stretch to go from not being covered by state health insurance to being loaded onto cattle cars - might have gone a bit far with your metaphor. It's also the removal of a tax exemption or rebate. Makes sense, if you want government to provide a health benefit you need to have your vaccinations or you lose that benefit.

Vaccine preventable diseases can burden publicly funded health care system with unnecessary illness and in the case of an outbreak could inundate local health care facilities.

You are waxing over a very small % too. Over 97% of the Israeli people are vaccinated. It's also only in the proposal phase and has nothing to do with America.

Should publicly funded health care systems bare the burden of an outbreak in communities that refuse to vaccinate?


The truth is far away from what u promote, "veritas"...hahaha
Stop your government propaganda and fade away.
People are aware and more waking up every day.
You're fired.
Biggie said..."don't be mad, UPS is hiring" :)))


So, let me ask you this... what would make you consider my opinion, which is what my comments are based on, and seemingly not in line with your mindset, to be government propaganda?

Good post!
This is sick!
People should organize, unite and start to sue the governments.
Attack is the best defense.
Peaceful and smart, but Attack.
Where are the conscious lawyers?
Greetings my friend.
Respect for keeping "an eye open"


Thanks, Bud. I couldn't agree more. You would think some brave lawyer would want to make a name for him/herself.