Those silly Africans who don't want to be vaccinated.. when, say some, 80% of people dying from ebola ARE VACCINATED.

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If only the American people could quickly develop the same type of well-deserved skepticism about big pharma and their claims about the safety and efficacy of their vaccines.

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Check out this story:

Excerpting from the second linkabove;

"Speaking following the attack in Katwa on Sunday, Emmanuel Massart, MSF’s Emergency Coordinator in the city said: 'This attack was traumatic for patients, their relatives and staff present inside the centre at the time. It has also crippled our ability to respond to what is now the epicentre of the outbreak.'

Although the motive for both attacks is unknown, there is a great deal of mistrust within the community towards the charity."

(Ebola projected propagation map. Courtesy of

Actually, the motive IS well known. These attackers do not trust the charity, sure, but it is the WHO and the vaccine they really don't trust. Claims by many in the region outside of the MSM are saying that people are getting sick AFTER being vaccinated.

Here is how one observer posted about the situation on a social media site:

"That seems to be the plan. Test your latest weaponized vaccine an a group that will not make a lot of news, then move out the 'doctors leaving in the dressed-up locals to represent 'medical care.'

Now sit back and study. Pie chart the victims for reference, and adjust the vaccine as needed.


...and another:

"It is well known in African countries that get Ebola that the only people that get Ebola are the vaccinated ones.

Ebola is a worm and it's transmitted by vaccine. Anyway, that's what I've heard."

(It's a worm?...hmmm... This photo of "ebola" is from a MSM

AGAIN, this unsubstantiated internet rumor, but the African people attacking clinics clearly believe the vaccines are a type of covert genocide, and are taking action on their own.

They may be right.

When these same UN/WHO globalists tell you that the world's population must be reduced to 500,000,000 in order to be "sustainable," we have no choice but to take their statement at face value, and to plan accordingly.

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where do you get that number from?
didn't find it in the articles.

80% of people dying from ebola ARE VACCINATED.


Who knows. It's very peculiar the way data gets manipulated, added, used (misused)... could it be that those infected with Ebola virus disease ** 80%** may die? Or 80 percent of Ebola survivors suffer disabilities one year after surviving the disease? No citation needed, just throw it out there.

Oh, BTW because you do not align with the narrative, probably more so because you pose a valid question and rather than the poster actually answer the question the fascist has muted you. BUT wait... we're supposed to be the fascist shills, the poster can't be a fascist too?? Ah, common - up is down, down is up.


...some say...

Don't truncate.


No need to mute me, my friend. I was just asking a question. I am very undecided on this topic (and still will probably be for years and years to come) and this would have proved to be an interesting information.
Anyway, generally appreciate your content and am from time to time looking into it. Keep it coming.

I was still working in healthcare when ebola became a thing. Like AIDS, I expected quarantines and a full court press to contain this deadly and virulent pathogen. Like AIDS, it never happened. As a medical professional, I could NOT understand what was going on. It became part of that long, slow "red pilling" process.


WOW! Thanks for sharing that. I really had my own eyes opened wider today too with the whole "worm" thing.


"Programming" or
brainwashing or
creating think-tanks...with lies

I second that question. It's a valid point.

Where did you get the '80% of people dying from ebola ARE VACCINATED."? I can't find that validated in any of the sources that you point to or anywhere on line... do I need a special handshake to get the source?