Even more evidence that the MMR vaccine does not cause autism

2년 전

The results of one of the largest studies of children and the relationship of the MMR vaccine and autism was released today.

Researchers analyzed data collected from children born in Denmark to Danish-born mothers between 1999 and 2010.

657,461 children included in the analysis. Of those children, 6,517 were diagnosed with autism over the period of data collection.

What did they find? They found that there was no overall increased risk for autism in those who received the MMR vaccine when compared with those who had not received the vaccine.

The study can be found in the Annals of Internal Medicine.


This is further corroboration of an earlier cohort retrospective study that can be found published in the New England Journal of Medicine. That study came to the same conclusion.


The author of the study, epidemiologist Anders Hviid wrote, >"Parents should not avoid vaccinating their children for fear of autism."
npr - A Large Study Provides More Evidence That MMR Vaccines Don't Cause Autism

~Try the truth. It can't hurt you

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Best of luck in getting the data and evidence out. Sadly, I've past the point where I have wanted to engage with people on the internet about this and other points of science. However, I do believe you are doing good work by bringing this to light. Again best of luck, it might be a difficult audience you have here!

I have featured you and this post for a Curation Contest here:


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Awesome! thanks for the recognition. It's a tough thing, going toe-to-toe with these guys. But unless someone calls out the BS it'll just keep proliferating. They'll run from the traditional social media to alternative sources, like Steem. I'm all for free speech and all, but some of their stuff they post just makes your head shake and it's blatantly misconstrued or just completely wrong. I am to hit them with epistemology, if one person comes away from a post questioning the information I feel I've done my job.

Again, thanks for the recognition.


" I'm all for free speech and all, but". That just about says it all.
In other words I'm not all for free speech.
Please spare us the sanctimonious claptrap and the gut wrenching virtue signalling.

Maybe you should try taking a good look at yourself for a change
e.g. What makes you think you know better than everyone else? With your "I don't care if kills everyone in the World, as long as it saves one child I feel I've done my job" type of attitude.

BTW. What exactly is your "job"? To shill for Big Pharma? Or are you really that naive as to fall hook line and sinker for their nefarious lies?



Did not say if I could save one child...let me quote for you...

if one person comes away from a post questioning the information

That means using critical thinking, reasoning, getting beyond the confirmation bias... coming out from under the conspiracy mindset. I constantly look at the way I'm thinking, and the information I'm digesting. I'm hoping to help others find the resources to learn how to use critical thinking as well.

I have stated that I don't work for a pharma company. I will add that I also do not own any stock in any pharma company. Not sure why people keep throwing that in to their comments.

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As far as the "save one child" is concerned, I was saying that that's the kind of message you were putting across. I didn't say that's exactly what you said.

As far as the critical thinking is concerned, maybe you could learn some more about it before you start lecturing others on the subject. e.g. when you say "coming out from under the conspiracy mindset" as though conspiracies were some kind of fantasy, not to be considered within the framework of critical thinking, you display a clear misunderstanding of the critical thinking process.
When using critical thinking all possibilities must be taken into consideration including conspiracies. In fact when any type of major event such as 9/11 or mass shootings and the like take place, and the official explanation doesn't appear to add up or make sense then the most likely true explanation is that it was brought about by a conspiracy.

Conspiracies are not some kind of wacko things that only crazy or deluded people believe in but that don't actually take place in real life. The Congressional record is full of known and proven conspiracies carried out by Government agencies.

I wanted to send you links to some of them but many articles were no longer available.
Here's one about cancer treatments
Halfway down the page there's also a link to "vaccine shenanigans"

I'll send you some more if and when I find them.


Didn't say conspiracies are some kind of wacko things that only crazy or deluded people believe in. There are absolutely legit things that were shrouded in conspiracy and ended up being true. One that comes to mind is the mind control experiments that the U.S. government embarked on and covered up. There have been other industrial cover ups and falsifications. That's not where I'm coming from.

Let's do this. I've created another post where I'd like to have a discussion about Conspiracy Theory's. I would love for anyone to join.

Here's the post: https://steemit.com/conspiracy/@vaccinusveritas/conspiracy-theory-an-open-discussion

Hope to see you there.


My pleasure, best of luck staying sane! I just can't bring myself to read much of it... It is weirdly twisted and unfortunately a little bit misguided about how data, sources and statistical analysis work in reality. But hey, why bother with real mathematics when you know how to calculate a mean average?


While, I agree, let me say, both sides are over the top in BS and propaganda. Calm down and let people evaluate each vaccination for it's risks and rewards.

Why such a push? Eradication may never happen, but crazy overly emotional insistence that everyone trust the science is just as uninformed in my opinion.

MMR is one vaccine I would make sure my kids received.

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Thanks for sharing this interesting information!

Congratulations on being featured by @bengy in his entry for the Pay It Forward Contest!

"Try the truth. It can't hurt you" You've got to find it first.
Do you know 97% of scientists believe in man made Global Warming.
How do you think they pulled that one off?
If this doesn't make sense to you now....it will eventually.


Huh? Mmmm...Vaccines to global warming... Ok, let me see if I can connect the two...somehow... to help you make your comment make sense. Let me bring this around to vaccines. Because of global warming and the impact that it has on the melting ice caps, extreme weather patterns and collapsing sanitation infrastructure we could potentially see diseases that are not in regions migrate to new regions or new variations of dormant diseases. Diseases that could be treated with vaccines. We've seen Zika migrate already, ticks are migrating to warmer zones. Dormant strains of anthrax may be release. The potential for cholera outbreaks as floods occur and overtake sewer systems. I'm sure there are more. So, thanks, it looks like there is a corollary to global warming.


OK to make it simple, I mentioned the Global Warming to show how out of touch and corrupted "science" has become.
Of course, there is no evidence of man made global warming, so these "reports" have to be treated with great caution and scepticism.
I was implying that this will make sense to you when you realise that we're going into a mini(at least we hope it's only mini) ice age. And that you've been lied to by big science. This should also make you wonder if you're also being lied to by big pharma.(after all there's huge money resting on this vaccine/autism question). What makes you think they wouldn't cheat?
Personally I know how to rig just about any standard double blind study to give any desired outcome and I know that others also know how to do this.
So naturally I have zero confidence in any of these studies and so should you and everyone else.


If it's all just gobbledygook do you feel that we should stop the environmental efforts that we have been undertaking to clean things up?


We should definitely take all viable measures to protect the environment from damage caused by pollution, though CO2 should not be considered a pollutant.

As for the vaccines maybe you should take a look at this:


Sure we can agree on that... to a certain extent. C02 actually drives our respratory system, not 02 as many think. But... too much C02 and we die. It is a greenhouse gas that traps heat in. Some benefits of more positive impacts from higher CO2 concentrations are faster growing trees at the equator.

I read that diatribe... love how it opens with a big graphic titled "Italian Court Rules MMR...", the old bait and switch. So much hyperbole in that post it's hard to know where to start.

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Fantastic! Thanks for that... love getting the conversations going. I added you as a witness thanks for the mention and appreciate what you are doing for us on Steem.


Thank you for you support and witness vote @vaccinusveritas, really appreciated.

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Wouldn't it be great if we could all discuss the various concepts around the risks in this same quiet calm tone.

Thank you for sharing the study...

While I agree there is no evidence at this time vaccinations and Autism are linked. I do think everyone (not you) should dial down the rhetoric.

While vaccinations are very safe, so actually is the measles in the vast majority of cases. So, the level and tone of the argument isn't helpful and isn't convincing everyone or likely anyone.

Here is my take... Vaccinations hold medical risks. Not a lot, but some and more to people with autoimmune disorders including eczema and other common conditions.

Each person should consider each vaccination, the risks of the disease and their child's immune system and make a wise and educated decision.

Not all disease are the same, not all vaccinations are the same and not all immune systems are the same.

Do your homework everyone and have a civil discussion. There is no emergency here, there is time for cool heads to prevail.

Very interesting that 10% of those vaccinated developed autism. Yet they're saying there is no difference between vaccinated and unvaccinated of developing autism.

MMR vaccine is something that is very hard. There are very valid reasons on both sides. Something has had to have changed in the vaccine from 1999 on. Both my kids had the vaccine and were born in the early '90s, yet I have had friends and people I have met on Steemit whose kids were vaccinated after 1999 which have developed autism. I can't deny those facts. There is something missing here, that is not being shared with the public.

Hopefully, someday they will figure out the correlation.

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